Ackk — My Email’s Been Hacked

Friends and family are getting emails or messages you didn’t send. Or your social media accounts have posts you didn’t make. What can you do when it looks like someone’s taken over your account? Here are the steps you can follow if you get hacked (for details, read Hacked Email):

  1. Update your system and delete any malware
  2. Change your passwords
  3. Check the advice your email provider or social networking site has about restoring your account
  4. Check your account settings
  5. Tell your friends

Haven’t been hacked yet? Steps you can take to lessen your chances of getting hacked include using unique passwords — and safeguarding them — only clicking on links or opening attachments in emails when you know who sent them and what they are, downloading free software only from sites you know and trust, and not treating public computers like your personal computer.

And last but not least — help your friends and family avoid getting hacked, or recover from a hack, by sending them the FTC’s Hacked Email article.

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Very important communique...

My email addresses were stolen........I change my past words.....but I donot want that to happened again......what to do?.......never see no captcha.....

my account blocked

If your account has been blocked, try contacting your service provider. Look for a “Contact Us” or “Help” link on the page where you login.

I'm just on my disability, " because they found some viruses on our home computer today." Mircosoft techniques contacted me early this morning." THEY are pretty sure , that my disability benefits had not been hacked into.

Hi, If someone called you out of the blue about viruses on your computer, it could be a scam. Check out our article on tech support scams.

What can I do if my x is hacking into all my acounts, I change the passwords and hes right there again. Im posative hes on someones internet close to my home, and hes got my home bugged, hes been stalking me for over ten years, and the police think im crazy, everytime I try to do something important, make money, or even contact a friend I completly loose service, Iv had to call 911 Three seperate times and my cell calls were redirected and dropped. he knows I have heart problems and reciently diagnosed with cancer, If theres an emergency like I have a heart aytack ill die for sure. What do I do????? Please help me.

The National Network to End Domestic Violence has information about how to deal with cyber stalkers and hackers and a hotline that you can call for help: 1-800-799-7233.

what if he cant do that though?!

I am worried that I don't recognize phony messages...

change the numbers you know to contacts like if your mom has a number put her contact as mom

That is about as sure as I can be on these letters

Someone is trying access my account without permission.

I am sorry,this morning.My computer program can not be open.i found solution in windows media i belive the content of my computer been copied by someone.

Thank you very much.I think i have to sign up another account for the other web sight.

what can i do ?i log in to bing com using single code.can anyone help me?

Is being hacked when party is no longer reciving mail?? This happens when it is requested photo be included with profile or not interested. ????

Keep writing

This was helpful. I have heard of this happening to peoples emails, but haven't had it happen to mine. Glad to know that I will be able to fix it. I'm going to save this website so I'll know what to do in the future.

I've been hacked my password has been changed and i have no way of restoring

My id have been hacked

how to deactivate MeetMe account

I think my Microsoft password has been changed because I can't get into that account, iv been trying for months to regain a new password to get back into it, but it's only now that iv learnt alot about this scamming emails, phone crashing can anyone help me please thank you

For 3 -4 yrs i have been disconnected , mislead , tormented + viscously slandered . Somehow every account i signed into did not recognize me , my entire life with all the education and reputation of character were spiraling into a wicked nightmare that still is ongoing today . Some say conspiracy , sum say crazy .?? I can not find work yet 3 years ... Unemployed , no matter what issue i
Clear up another comes before i can make a plan . Its like someone knows my every move . Terrifying . Being set up for failure and with no witness to speak off . Who has this kind of time ? I have been thru extreme life altering events , im traumatized , humiliated and terrified . I have moved near a 100 times attempting to leave it in the past . Life hackers - who to trust ? What to do know ? Jobless , friendless , broke , homeless , been incarcerated , lost and it seems to be different outrageous chaotic circumstances that Are out of my control . All Different people and places ,i cant put a finger on any one person still !! Any advice or helpful i sight will be greatly appreciated. Am i the only one ? Happy monday to all .

Perpitrators rule almost as much as Klondikes do

This is not my email address and needs to be removed in all areas from my computer especially if he has added a "+" to enable him to see what I am doing. He is a thief and stole from me several valuable items. Please help me remove him. Thank you, I use comcast as my main account not google

some one is using my accounts and senting messages.

I want my device clean from everthing on my phone pls

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