All Good Things Must Come to an End

Net CeteraIn October 2009, the Federal Trade Commission and released the first edition of Net Cetera: Chatting with Kids About Being Online, a guide to help parents and other adults talk to kids about being safe, secure, and responsible online.

From Georgia to Maryland to Washington, school districts across the country requested thousands of copies of the booklet. In fact, in just two years, the FTC distributed 9.5 million free copies in English and Spanish to schools, libraries, local and national conferences, law enforcement offices and other community groups.

In the future, Net Cetera will be available online only. You can download the PDF, or browse through the articles in Protect Kids Online.

You also might want to check out Living Life Online, a magazine-style booklet designed to help kids sharpen their critical thinking skills, be safer online and on-the-go, and better understand the ads they see around them. Or you could order copies of Heads Up, a guide to help kids protect themselves and their reputations when they’re socializing online. 

If you’re planning a presentation about kids’ online safety, order a Net Cetera Community Outreach toolkit. It includes a copy of Net Cetera and Heads Up, along with videos and other materials that can help anyone give a polished presentation.

We’re delighted with the success of Net Cetera, and we hope you’ll return to often to discover our newest resources.


Thanks for the info

can you make sure no one looks at my internet

Hi, You might be interested in our article about online tracking and our blog post about Do Not Track.

Its been an excellent Resource!

I worry about my child a lot. I have this gut feeling that he is getting on adult sites and a site that allowes him to chat with adult women and meet up with one.nite stands. Is there any way I could see if this is true, this could be very dangerious. Would love to be able to block these sites to protect him.