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Online Dating IconWhen it comes to advice about online dating scams, you could listen to We have advice to help you protect yourself and your money.

But why not go straight to the source, too? Many online dating sites now offer really practical advice on how to avoid relationship scams. Here’s a sample:

“DON’T ever send money to someone you meet online, especially by wire transfer. Scammers often insist that people wire money, especially overseas, because it’s nearly impossible to reverse the transaction or trace the money.”

“If someone asks you for money, for whatever reason, do not do so and please, report the situation to us via the “Report a Concern” button. If somebody is asking you, they may be asking others, and your report can help protect other members.”
-JDate/Spark Networks

“Watch out for someone who immediately requests to talk or chat on an outside email or messaging service. Watch out for someone who reports a sudden personal crisis and pressures you to provide financial assistance.”

These dating sites don’t want you to be scammed, and neither does They want you to meet a real someone, not a con artist hiding behind a bogus profile. Following the advice on these dating sites is a great place to start!


I have been scammed byb a man named Karl, claims he was in Benin for business and professed his love right away, asked for money a couple of weeks into it, then he started asking for money, and it was one situation after another, today he emailed me to tell me that he had been robbed, stabbed and had beeen in the hospital, I knew what was to come next he would have asked for money. Typical textbook scammer. I started wising up and looking at online dating scams. Met him on, they claims they are not responsible but did give me my money back. we mainly cahtted thru yahoo messenger, he has a account listed as Karl, very handsome man, born in Germany, educated in England, claims mother lived in Lawrenceville, NJ also claimed have been divorced for 4 years and has a 9 year old daughter. He claimed not to have a facebook page but I found one he just started the week before one using and it was his picture. I emailed all of his friends this morning on their and now it has disappeared. He knows I am on to him and I am going to do what I can to get my money back and have this jerk dealt with. If you have suggestions on what to do please let me know and I also have pictures. I have notifed yahoo, and will send to every dating website if I have to. Please reply if you want to see pictures or have suggestions.

Yes, this certainly sounds like a "textbook scammer." The scam has many of the elements we often see: leaving the dating site to chat somewhere else, professing love right away, asking for money, and then asking for more money. To post your comment, I removed some of the personal details (like email addresses and full names), but if you'd like to file an official complaint you can do so at

would like to see the pics as i am afraid i am being scammed too and maybe by the same guy,

Hi, Linda,

If you think you might be dealing with a scam artist, I wouldn't put much faith in a photo. These scammers often post phony photos. They also use bogus names and personal bios. The best way to spot a scammer is by how he or she acts. If an online love interest asks you for money, it's almost certainly a scam.

Yes I would like to see him

I believe i am being scammed by a man named henry, supposedly from ny, in benin working as an independant contractor, building a 4 star hotel in porto novo cotonou, he is supposedly born in germany, parents died in car crash when he was 12, an only child. He had to go live with his uncle in churchill pennsylvania. He has had trouble getting his loan money to get transferref to benin, ran out of money, got sick was in hospital, while waiting for loan money hotel bill was not paid, needed money for hotel, they supposedly downgraded his room, took all his nelongings until he could give them money. When the loan money came then needrd money to process loan in benin, then still couldnt get money until he received government clearance, thay of course needed more money, then when that eas ginally set, got his loanoney from bank, then there was an accident at the site a worker got injured, he had to pay the workers hospital bills, pay for broken equopment, for an rngineer to assess damage to building, then pay to fix building, ran out of money again, supposedly site was closed down by city due to the owner of the structure not having correct zoning, in the meantime he was going to come back to ststed and get finances in order and then go back when work could continue. He needed money to switch his tickey, then at airport the plane had technical problems, could not fly out, yhey put the people in hotel and were not able to fly them out for two days, then i get a call from some doctor saying there was a bad accident from the hotel to airport, 4 people in critical condition needed permission to treat henry, i told them to do what they had to to save him, he was bleeding profusely and was unconcious, then the doctor called back and guess what, he said bleeding undsr control, now needed money to proceed with treatment, 1200.00. I called embassy, they assured me it was a scam. I was told to send money to a victor yewenu, the doctor kept calling saying if no money sent henry would die. He is treating henry now supposedly has fracture lelvis and fractured leg, stitches in hand. I told henry embassy said it is all a scam, he insists he is really from ny and will be bavk here when he is better and then i will see, i said that is the only way i will be sure. Whenever he says dr needs more money and i say well i dont have money, he somehow gets sicker and neefs more treatment. Please beware, i spoke with henry for 3 months through all thos craziness, so i really thought he was real at first.

Hi, Rose,

This person is definitely a scam artist. Thanks for sharing your story. Hopefully, this will help others recognize the signs of a scam.

If you'd like to file a formal complaint with the FTC, you can do so at

i think your henry is the same as my henry he showed a fantastic pics of good looking man in his 50s and eventually showed me 2 passports one form noraway and other from usa wow what some people do wants me to help him cash a 1.5 million dollar check that he cant get cashed in turkey

I meet somebody, and they dont ask me for money, they said somebody going to send me money and he want to i keep the money, i send the money later to him. i know this strange, i want to know if you know something about this. you hear about this before

Hi, Diana,

Yes, in another common version of this scam, the scam artist sends you money and asks you to put it in your account and then wire part or all of the money back. Usually, the money comes as a check -- a fake check. The check looks real enough to fool the bank teller, so you're able to deposit it and the money may even show up in your account -- for a while. A fake check can take weeks to discover, but once the bank realizes it's a fake, you will owe the bank any money you withdrew.

I almost had the same situation, I met someone thru one online dating, specifically match .com, his name was Richard, fortunately, I didn't send him the money, when he asked for money I was alert and I stop to have any kind of communication with him. That was terrible....

Was his name Richard Nelson?

I just met this guy on and he was adorable. He said he worked on an oil rig in Mexico and lived in Manhattan. I'm from New York and he couldn't tell me exactly where he lived which is odd. His voice didn't match his face I thought. He said he would get a chopper out at 6am on December 5th and would come stay with me for the holidays. You mean a hotel right? He told me he works one month on and one month off and that he was a marine engineer. I asked him his back round and he said he was English and found in a church at the age of two. He was then brought over to America and has loved in Manhattan from the age of seven. Second red flag. New Yorkers love food and always talk about them. Third red flag. He said he worked nights at would call or text me at 5am. He sounded so tired too...he proclaimed his love for me and said he would relocate for the right woman. Asked me about my new church and that he would go with me. Good luck getting a New Yorker to move to Texas really?!?!?! How many red flags ??!! I got a text from him asking me if I would do an errand for him and I said ok what do you need? He said that if he could wire money to my bank account so he can send his Dad money for a plane ticket. He was only able to send out 950 dollars at a time from where he was at in the Gulf. Then he said his dad was old and frail and needed money for basic care. I said ok I'll send it wherever you like no problem. So I then asked him you don't know and you are going to send 2500 dollars to me and trust me and he said yes. he asked if I had a credit card it would be better to transfer the money to my credit card then I was like huh?!?!?! I was never going to do it because I know I was being hustled and hardly that desperate. He said I really need you to do this for me sweetie...well sorry I said.. Open up an account for your father and transfer funds that way. After going back and forth he then asked me to send him a few hundred dollars!!!!!omg I just about died. I said I'm s single girl and cannot afford it and he then said well how much can you afford love!!!! I was thinking is this guy for real?!?!?! I said no like 4 times...One more sweetie or my love and I was going to puke. He finally stopped calling and texting. I don't know how experienced he was because he didn't sound like a grown up. I think he was out in the middle of nowhere and maybe decided to do it this way so he can't be traced. I never thought to look him up again on Anyway here is what he sent me below in an email.

Account Holders Full Name :
City :
State :
Zip :
Cell Phone :
Type Of Acct :
Bank Routing Number :
Checking Account Number :
Mother Maiden Name:
Ssn :
Bank Address :
Bank Toll Free number
Bank Name :
Bank Website :
Account Holders Full Name :
Online access

Fill those out and send back to me.

I just like to say if someone ask you for money directly or indirectly no matter how heart breaking the story is. Its a BOLD scam. Ask yourself would ask a rich potential mate for money if your were trying to impress them? Most likely No.So if they asking you for money you dealing a very MEAN person hiding behind charm.

Was richard asking you to send him a little money and he would send you back triple the money?

You're an idiot!

Karl Alexander I've had a run in with him - got really mean and I just laughed at him.

I have a friend who is currently in an "online relationship" with Karl Alexander. He is supposedly from Plymouth England with two sons, and of course one son was just ill and needed test and he didn't have the money and asked her for money. After she told him she didn't have it he was mean and told here if his son died it was on her. A week goes by and he messages and apologizes and tells her it was just stress and now everything is back on the up and up with them. This whole thing stinks and something is up

i too have been having a "relationship" with KARL ALEXANDER aka ALEXANDER KARL. What an idiot i have been. i thought this guy loved me, promised me the world.

our "love story" began in Decemeber when i sent him a friend request and he accepted and replied with a simple hello. From there it was story after story, heartbrake after heartbrake. He was a single dad of two boys, Ryan and Byran. They lived with Aunt as their mother had passed away from cancer. About a month in to us talking Byan fell ill, needed money for testing. Then it was just one thing after another. He was working at a local bar and the bosses daughter accused him of rape and was jailed cause he had borrowed money from co-worker and couldn't pay it back because he had gotten fired do to that.

Fast forward about a month, he is now working at a construction job. Had issue when co-worker falling from building. Now he is in jail for murder...states someone claims they saw him push the guy. Now keep in mind each time he had an issue he asked me for money. When i said no he would tell me my love for him was not true. The picture of the guy i had was very cute. He had a very large tattoo on his arm of Miami State Logo. As i set here and type this I am heartbroken not only for my self but for all the past and future "victims" of this person. I don't understand how people can do these things to other people.

I believe to have encountered this same individual and have since reported him to the federal trade commission and FBI. I would like to see a picture of this person to see if it is the same man. These are the lowest types of humans preying on people for menoey.

I think I have encountered the same man. Unfortunately I was not wise and sent large amounts in wire transfers. He was going by the name of Joseph Patterson Rupert. He is using a real name with a fake ss # and a fake passport. Says he works in Malaysia and is having difficulty leaving the country due to tax issues owed,the list is endless. Showed photos of his son, his "son" emailed me. I was being tag teamed. I NEVER thought I could be scammed. This man is VERY good. Please beware!!

Yes, please send pictures to me also. Sounds like my Romancing German guy also. Damm, I fell in love with him. Always an excuse to fly to New York and get his money finally. And was supposed to pay me back. He ruined me!! I had just tried out dating site. Everything was so new to me. I was a lonely widow. I didn,t have a clue.

What was the German guy's name??

I am trying to fix some things that were messed up but it get"s to be ridiculous at times and unnecessary when you cannot even trust the government people and technology.

That certainly sounds like a terrible ordeal that you went through, be more careful and always keep your guard up.

I met a 35 year old woman from Kansas City Missouri,or also could have been from Kansas City Kansas.We talked for approx two or three weeks when she wanted to come to my state to visit,she asked me for money to help her get here.I knew right then she was a scammer.please beware of ANYBODY ASKING FOR MONEY AS THEY ARE NO DOUBT A SCAMMER.

Alfonso Alonso, Dallas,Texas. Italian. My first time on match, so I wasnt very smart. This guy is typical, now that I have researched. A widow. Lost his wife to brain cancer. A civil engineer building a condo. Started emailing me in private. We talked on my cell phone. Immediate love and fate. Had to leave for Malaysia for the big business trip. We emailed for 30 days. On the 30th day, he asked me for 12,000.00 to cover a bad business deal, so he could get back home to me. I cut him off, but he tried several times to get me to wire him the money. Got hysterical and cried when I told him no. Be careful ladies. This guy is charming.

This sounds like the same guy that my friend has been talking with. Antonio-Italian-Houston Tx. He started talking with her on JDate and all of sudden told her he was getting off match site because he wanted to dedicate himself to her. His wife died 2 years ago from cancer and he has a daughter-Maria, that lives in London. He had to leave for business trip to Malaysia but would be home in about a month. He even sent her flowers for Christmas. Well he's' supposed to be home in a week but the plant he was working in had a small fire/explosion and now he needs parts that he can only get from the US. The parts are now 3 IPads that cost $880 each. He said his daughter can get him 1 but needed my friend to send the other two. Then he said something about needing 36K. WHAT??? Red flags have been going off since she started talking to this guy. His picture is this really fit man,handsome, grey hair with dark mustache. Looks like a hot Sam Elliott.

Someone I know just got taken by this same guy, we have photos. Would like to compare them to see if he is using same photos. please respond

I would love to see the pictures to verify whether it is the same man or not.

This sounds like the same guy talking to me. He left for ghana to mind for gold. Asked me for 10k at he's down to $600. He must think im an idiot. He has a better chance of seeing a leprechaun than me sending him $. I have pics too.

The guy I'm talking to is Fabio Panini, Italian, based in San Antonio TX and since I'm in Malaysia, said he's setting up a business in Singapore. First his dad died in 2010, then it was when he was 19! Met him on Profile has been deleted since. He doesn't answer my questions on email but keeps asking for a phone number. He apparently lost his fiancé to a brain tumour. Is there somewhere we can share pictures of who these guys are pretending to be? He hasn't asked for money yet, but just came back from the West Indies. you have any pics of this "guy" you are referring to? I asked because it sounds very familiar to the same man I started chatting with back in September,2015. A week later he was going to Ghana stating he was an archeologist and gold mining. Has asked for money to help him to pay an attorney for documents that need to be signed by attorney before he can transfer merchandise. If you could email me I can give you his name and compare pics.

Hi My mom is talking to a guy and this sounds familiar from what I can gather. Is there anyway I can get a picture? I found a pic of this so called guy friend of her on her iPad. I'd like to compare the two.

I have a friend that has fell for this and is out $2000

Put me in the mix. Only mine was in Milan. Owned a nightclub. I actually got him to come out with his real ID. Wonder if same ??

Alfonso Alonso, italian, dallas, Tx. Didnt get money from me but sure did try. Was definitely a scammer. Said he was a civil engineer, doing a condo in Malaysia. we were emailing and talking on the cell every day. sent me pics to show my family. all of a sudden he needed 12,000.00 to complete the job, so he could hurry and get home to me. Met him on Match, but he got me off there really quick. I had just joined. So he taught me alot about what to do and not to do. was a widow, parents died, no kids. Very charming. Watch out ladies, he is good and has good grammer also. wish I could show you pics, but its probably not him anyways.

Met Alfonso Alonso, Italian, from Dallas, TX, on at the end of October 2012. Was going to Malaysia to build a condo in Selangor. We were emailing, IMs, and talking twice a day for months until he was ready to come home and was in a car accident in March 2013. Broken leg, concussion, broken ribs, etc. Asked for airfare money to get home to me but supposedly was stopped by immigration at the airport for non payment of his workers and work visa overstay. Nice looking man and great build. Would love to see the pictures you have to compare to the ones I have. Yes he told me too that he was a widow, that his wife passed away from brain cancer in 2006, parents passed away recently, no children, and that he was an only child.

I believe this man is scamming me at the moment, i am so embaressed I fell for his lies. He is very good. he calls himself Jeff Thomas and he claims to be a civil engineer from Sydney but building a bridge in Malaysia. he told me he is Polish, his wife died 7 years ago from cancer and he has never touched another lady since. he says he is love with you very early and calls you his Queen. he claims he will receive 11 million when he has finished his job in Malaysia and he wants to take you all around the world and buy you a big house blah blah blah. Then he tells you his wallet was stolen and he carnt get new cards for at least 10 days, could you send him money maybe 10K to keep the work going so he can get home to you. Then it is one incident after another now he is telling me they wont let him leave the country because he hasnt finished the bridge so he needs me to send him $20K so he can be smuggled out of the country. I have reported him to the Feds. I dont know how these people sleep at night. Watch out for him he has a thick accent and wont let you see him on Skype. Ruth

I met a man who claimed to be in the military goes by the name David P. He first asked me to send him a care package to some diplomat that would deliver it to him...The shipping cost twice as much as the stuff I sent..Later , he tried to say he was sending me something of value and had some guy calling me for a few days straight at 3am I have since shut my phone and changed the number..I am sure it would have just been a matter of time that this person delivering the package was going to need money..I didn't let it get to that point. I have pictures too. I have tried to contact the person in the pictures as in one of them the last name is on the uniform and I was able to find him on FB.. But he has not responded .I would be very upset if I come to find out this was a true military person trying to scam me...Still deciding if I should take it a step further and report the situation.

I met a woman through an online dating site, or at least claimed to be a woman. She went by the name Emily Hastings.Ive read other stories about online scams, and her story was textbook. She said she was living in the DC area,but had a trade show for Herbalife to do in London. Two days after the show, claimed to have been mugged, lost all credit cards etc. It just went on and on.The woman in the pictures looks hispanic, and claimed to have been born in Ecuador. She has a very anglo name, which supprised me, but then when I sent a message in Spanish, she did know what language it was, and actually thought spanish looked like french. It was all very bizzarre. Ive got probably a dozen pictures from her, as well as a Check from Herbalife with Emily Hastings name on it, which I believe is photoshopped. She claims to be stuck in London with all these bills to pay and needs me to send her money. She is persistant, but I keep telling her I know what shes up to. Im trying to figure out with the help of Herbalife who the woman in the pictures is. She is either part of the scam, or aquainted with the scammer, since the pictures appear to be current. Halloween party pictures, Christmas Pictures, etc...
Beware if you here the name Emily Hastings, this is a scam

I have been on dating sites for about 3 months. About 2 weeks ago a guy claiming to be Thomas Hannett, Captain in the military in Afghanistan contacted me by IM on Match. He asked right away to get on Yahoo IM. I created an account that didn't have my name so I would protect myself and signed in under that account. We chatted and did some emailing to my anonymous account.

After a week he was asking for my cell phone number so we could get to know one another better. I refused. We kept in contact and he said he was getting out of the army after a 38 year career in a couple of months. Also his birthday was April 10th. I asked him for his address (I was thinking I would send him a card). He immediately asked me if I was thinking I would send him a care package. I said that I might (think cookies). He gave me a list of 8 things he "needed" one of the items being a digital camera!

Thats when I knew it was a scam. I told him that I wasn't going to buy him a camera but he kept pressing me more about getting him one so he "could send me more pictures". I got offline and the next morning sent him an email telling him not to contact me again. At least that is one thing he got right, no contact since.

But what bothers me is that he is going to do this to someone else and it is probably pointless to even report it. I am so glad I am impeccably careful about my personal information and not giving out phone numbers. Now I don't know if its worth it to try and date online. I am totally suspicious of everyone!

So after reading some of the stories here I believe I`m IN the middle of a "scammer"

His name is Marc, i "met" him on match just as he was "signing off" because he didnt have time because of his traveling for "work". He saw that I emailed and "winked" at him. He emailed me back saying could i text him because he was deactivating his account! So I did! We had texted for a bit then he "traveled" for work 2 Afganistan and has been there ever since, at least 3 weeks! Siad he lived in a city 45 minutes from me, thats what the profile had said 2! He "is" a widower and has 2 children or so "i think" saw pictures, or did i????? Don`t know what 2 believe after these stories!!!!

So here`s the "scam part:after a bit he asked for"underware" 2 be sent to him... On a military base, private contractor working in Afganistan and left "unexpectidly fast" when WON a contract 4work! I said no! after a bit asked 4 money for his kids at his grandma`s...he didnt have time 2 "provide" 4them b4 he left....we had been talking 4a few weeks now, and YES he has claimed LOVE 4 me....:( He has at this point emailed me and WHAT a PEOT he is...or is he???? So i "wired" a little bit, I have kids i "felt" 4 him! few more weeks pass, work has had a SNAG and hes not coming back when he thought.... needs money can i send some! NO I TELL HIM STOP ASKING!!! He still claims 2love me even when i cant send money! I tell him I`M DONE he says sorry and he doesn`t want that! OF COURSE HE DOESN`T (specially if this IS a scam)!! Now work is coming 2 an end and he should b "home" soon! What do I believe?????!!!!texting is a bit less than it was but hasnt stopped....IF it stops before he`s "suppose" 2 come "home" i KNOW I`ve been scammed, BUT i haven`t sent any more and DON`T plan on it!!!! Just want this story out there!!!!!Marc Jordan! from Belarus...maybe it`s real???? am i an exception?

Hi, I'm sorry to say that your story has all the signs of a scam. He will almost certainly contact you again to ask for money or a favor. Don't take the bait! You can file a complaint at

I just have one question,why does our government feel it has the right to spy on it citizens. And then use scare tatics to persuade us they are doing it for our protection? If were are not allowed information for national security reasons then my government is not allowed to listen into my private conversions or read my emails.This government is the one who is always getting us into situations we have no business doing. Stop being hypocrites we both this government and the people who stay silent about it are the real terrorists. We have nothing to fear but ourselves.

I was contacted by Ralph Herman, said he was an engineer, we talked on I'm, he eailed claimed to have lost wife in hurricane,, after 2 weeks he asked e fr 2,000 s so he can get home bcuz his job can't su him , I feel foolish watch out for him he aso says he has daughter n son in Germany gong to university

I was done the same but i sent no money after two weeks he asked for money so he can come home, claimed tobe a widow and name was ralph herman, researched found no such name, tried to blow up pictures but the name tage on thr person started with a J not an R, he claimed to be living in Cyprus and was coming home soon, well he texted me again, i did not answer and will not ehas not sent another email, glad i stopped wished i hadnt even out for him claims hehas two children a daughter named tracy andhe was from ge rmany

Been emailing. Guy in Sydney then he and his 7 the yr old went to Nigeria Africa yep scammed big time but I do think its a. More than one his contacts to I think he also is. Using. His. Daughter. As a soft touch to get to me , I trusted him and what got me sus picious. Was one day he was on face book the next day not i do know he is from darlinghurst s sydney he is on the voting form but he may not live there was the second one ,I lost I don't know what I don't care I don't want justice I want others warned yes a mr John alonso tope is a scammer and yes I blocked him so he can't email me ,and even changed me mobile no and phone no , but kicking my self DONT help me any ,he's smooth as ,a car accident on way to airport passport limit date nearly out dumb one any person makes sure before they fly out the passport has at least four or five years not two or three he has been there nearly two years ,his daughter Eva will be 9 in December .my stepdaughter showed me ways of birth death and marriages how tto change them but in feb or march she passed away August 31 and her funeral was September the 11 he thought it was funny me I ,I id and angry and I miss her and he can go and find someone else I. Not an ATM I told him then I got an email he wanted 8000 by XMAS and I said. No then I got called names not nice ones from a guy who said he loved me if that's love he saved me as no one tells me that when IVE not yet. Met them he saved me by showi g his true colours a lot. Ore heatache I don't need so please beware of this guy ,okay and also don't go for his looks as he is a charmer and knows it to ..... Thanks

I think I am being scammd by a man calling himself Ryan Meegan from Brookly New York. He claime he ia
in Benin on a construction contract with his daugher He has had one bad happening after another.
He continues toask me for help. He has of course proclaimed his undying love for me and wants to marry me as soon as he returns to the USA. Has anyone had any dealings with this man?

This definitely has all the signs of an online dating scam. It's very likely that Ryan Meegan is not his real name.

Well thanks to the internet, and being able to read all these, I know now I am being scammed by a woman, who supposedly left her children in Bekasi, Indonesia after her husbad died from a car crash. She said she could not get visas for her children so she had to go herself and try to bring them later. We have been talking through email for three weeks, and all then she had to go back to Indonesia to settle her husbands estate and was granted visas to bring her two children back with her. Then she told me she had bought some Iphone cards for her children to play games but had left them here and would I pick up one for them at Wallmart and email here the codes. I was leary, but I did send her a $50 card code. I guess its true a fool and his money are soon parted. Now she is supposedly in Benin to sell her husbands factory, but needs me to be a witness ( no idea what that means) and does not have money to go back to Bekasi.... Wow I cannot believe I have been scammed. I even found her on FB, and some of the pictures she sent me came from there. So much for the online dating for me.. From now on its in person or no thanks.

please help me immediately i dont have time to think but i font know to stop them

hi need help to anyone reading this right now please help me i dont know what to do i worry so much.this is the story.

I met a guy on Filipino friend finder .com he send messages to me then he ask my ym so i gave it,he said his working on a shift as head engine engr on cosco shipping,he said he will come in philippines before middle of this month but did not happen then he said again before end of this month not happen again and now his saying before end next month but there is a problem he said their ship encounter pirates so they change route then their at turkey port saying to change route to be at japan then fly here,but after saying there is pirate he ask me to help him receive his gold watch and money so i gave my whole name and address but after he send message that company need my payments before package delivery i said i dont have money but he beg so i help i send 4000 phil money converted to usd the payment needed was 500usd he said he talk to them to pay the balance if the package is with me like he said but after they got the money thay said they cant deliver without being fully paid AND I SAID I DONT HAVE MONEY TO PAY ANYMORE THEN HE SAID HE PAY THE 300USD AND THE REMAINING I WILL PAY BECAUSE HE CANT SEND MONEY ON THE SHIP THERE IS NO BANK,THEN LASTNIGHT THE DELIVERY REPLY TO ME CONFIRMING THEY RECEIVE THE 300USD AND I NEED TO PAY ONLY THE 110USD ,I SAID CANCEL THE DELIVERY ON MY NAME I DONT HAVE 110USD BUT THEY SAY THEY HAVE MY DETAILS AND THEY WILL REPORT ME TO INTERPOL IF I WILL NOT SEND 110,AFTER I SEND THAT THE TIME THEY WILL DELIVER THE PACKAGE.I KNOW ITS A SCAM I ALSO FEEL HE IS THE ONE DOING ITHE ALWAYS ASK ME WHEN TO PAY THE BALANCE BUT I AM AFRAID AND DON KNOW WHAT TO DO IF THEY WILL REALLY REPORT ME TO POLICE ,PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TO DO AND REPLY YO THEM FOR THEM TO STOP ME,THEY KNOW MY NAME MY PICTURE MY HOME IT MAKES ME WORRY.THANK YOU

I hope you reported him omg !!!

they got a lot of nerve saying they'll report you when they are the one's scamming you.

Any one familiar with these names? Dave buckner...larry thorne... Michael Mancini... All from two asked for money.. The third was having the same pattern. Never sent them anything... Larry got angry and called me selfish...a liar.. And told me he was very hurt that i wouldnt help him... I need to report this.

Anyone familar with the name Benjamin Cavender? contacted me on e.harmony. Looking back, it was a classic scam. I sent money, stupid I know. I realized it when the picture he was using came up on a scammers website. anyway, I told him to go away. that was in May. Today I get an email from him claiming to want to pay me back. What do I do?

Same story as many here. Met on the European version of, which is not free. Immediately asked to chat offline (oh, he's only trying it for free for 3 days, please, email...) Immediate love, fate, he'll marry me, will love me forever and ever, will take care of my children, pay for college, life will be great, blah...blah... The name was Porter Welsh, the pictures he used turned out to be of the alpine climber Conrad Anker. There are a lot of them online, nice looking man, CLint Eastwood look but younger. Widower, wife died 3 years ago of cervical cancer, is from South Africa but lives in Kansas City. Children live with his mother in South Africa. Wonderful story of how we'll bring our lives together, sexy voice. Called me while I traveled abroad myself, sent me flowers. Although I should have noticed. He didn't always appear when promised to appear. Always a little later. And I did notice in the back of my mind that the story of financial difficulties was beginning to evolve. Supposedly he traded in edible oil and made this awesome deal but needed to finance it. Bank required that he used mortgage as collateral. Then he is short of 50K (8-o) and his "mother from SA" sends it but the bank takes it and puts it into escrow because he signed the agreement without checking. Then there's a lot more. His child gets hemophelia, he gets sick himself - never asks for money once but the elaborate story grows more and more complicated. Finally time gets close to when we're supposed to meet in person and "start our lives together". And I hear more and more often how he's a little depressed and confused about the fact that he's short of 50K (I do grow suspicious but not enough to stop communication altogether). I wonder if he'll ask me for money and decide I won't send him any if he does. (Although there are moments when I keep thinking of how I could potentially help him if he is real... very stupid!) So, before this happens I find out who Conrad Anker is and see the pics and the story of the real man behind the face. Very difficult to accept that someone just wanted to feed off of you while you were thinking undying love.

Hi dear, I think its the same man who added me on facebook and lost wife 3 years ago, has a kid who is raised by mother in law and is working in a platform for 2 months, now he has a problem with the equipments to finish the last part of project, they incompetent agent would leave the equipments for extra days on the port, and he would not have the total amount for paying the port and keep working out his project to earn a million.would you mind sending me the link of the real man on those pics? he looks like he is 55, gray hairs, kinda black on the top of his head and mustache. looks tall and have pics of him and a little blond girl h says its his daughter. she looks to be 8.

There is a guy scamming my mother right now with the same story and description. He is going by the name of Victor Lopez.

I have a list of 25 names of these guys that have been talking to my 68 year old mom on Facebook. She is divorcing my dad because of promises that these guys made to her. They go back and forth with the I love yous. One of them sent her a copy of a receipt from a money transfer. He told her he was fbis (his words]). She sent money to Ghana. Just in the past week she is talking to 3 of them. One of them claims they are 10 year old boy that has a birthday this month and would like either an xbox or PS4. She tells these guys that she loves them and her new son. They are using photos of high ranking military personnel. I sent her a few links to sites where these photos are reported as stolen and she tells them all about what her daughter found on the internet. She has given out her facebook login information, her phone #, told them where my brother and I live, and sent pictures of my new granddaughter to them. I have more than 150 pages of text from conversations she has had with 3 of them. I have her facebook login information and have gone in there and blocked and reported them to facebook. This is how I have been able to see what she is saying to them. I noticed last night that she has gone in and unblocked a few of them. I have pleaded with her to stay off facebook long enough for me to deactivate and then I will go in and help her create a new page but she just won't listen to me. I have told her clues to look for so she knows if they are real but she doesn't listen to that either. She is going to get hurt and lose everything she has got. I don't know what else I can do. Could someone please advise??? It is killing me to think that I just have to sit back and watch it unfold.

It can be very hard to convince someone that they're involved with a scammer. The cons use emotional manipulation and emotional stories to draw people in.

You could see if a friend or neighbor or someone in law enforcement could talk with your mother. Some police and sherrif departments have community officers who will talk with citizens. You could contact your state and local consumer protection office or state Attorney General’s office to report the scams and ask if someone there could talk with your mother.

If you know how she sends money, you could tell the bank or wire transfer service about the scammers. You could tell your mother that if she helps someone who uses a stolen identity that she is helping an identity thief. Please report the scammers to the FTC at so the information goes into the database that law enforcement uses for investigations.


I'm on dating site for one month and already contacted by 2 scammers.
1: don't let you dumbfounded by "sweetly", "I love you", and so on.
2: don't start a long distance relation that cannot be kept under control
3: don't give any private informations, like the real email address, phone number, your home address
4: ask her/him to meet each other in a public place and on day light,
5: ask questions about her/his life which implies an answer which has to contain a number. After a while ask the same question and see if in answer is the same number
6: I'm suggesting to have the possibility to post here their photos to protect other people, too

ITS so true i am on ZOOSK IN SA , i have being asked for money from Matthew Peeters, John Stevens , both need help and airtime

Anyone had any dealings with a Amy Alfredo? Meet her on a gay dating app called Brenda. Started talking initally on there for a couple of days and then moved over to whats app. Stupid I know! Found out she was an Italian living in Concorde New Hampshire America. A day or so later she told me she was actually in Benin on a scholorship studying to become a midwife and helping out in a third world country. Her father had died when she was 12 and her and her mum moved to America for a better life, no siblings. She said she only had 1 more month left to study in Benin and would be returning home to open up her own private maternity practice. As the days went on we were talking more and more. She would say all the right things absolute text book. Spoke to her on the phone a few times but not for very long as the signal would keep dropping out. Couldn't web cam chat as she dropped her phone and it broke. Said she couldnt get a new iphone in Benin and had to wait till she was back in the states. She mentioned religion a lot, i'm not religious at all but have no issues with people who are. She would call me "dear" a lot which I thought was odd but was told by friends shes just probably a bit old fashioned! Then about 2 weeks into talking she said she wanted to come to the uk for a holiday, possibly to move here and set up her maternity practice here. She talked about buying a house here and asked if I wanted to live with her, to which I responded I like you but I think we need to have a first date first!! She got a little funny at that but I took no notice as it can be a very common trait with Lesbians that they want to live with each other straight away!! We continued talking and most of the time it was always about trust and her mother who she thought the world of. Then one day she built up all these messages about something she wanted and needed to tell me, after me telling her many times that I trusted her just to get the information out of her she said her when her dad died he left gold in his inheritance to her and her mum. It was in Benin and thats the main reason she choose to study there so she could bring the gold back. I didn't believe it but at the same time she had been so good at fooling me I did wonder to myself what if she is telling the truth! I asked her many questions of how she is going to get the gold out of Benin and into the uk and all her answers were correct from what I was reading on the internet. I decided to leave it there and just see what happens. The next morning it was her birthday and she had been hoping her mum would send her a new laptop to complete her final projects and for a web cam but she didn't. She asked me if I had a spare laptop to which my responce was no!! Next she had a problem, she wouldn't tell me as she didn't want to scare me away and she was falling in love with me. I eventually persuaded her to tell me and her mum needed to have an emergency operation in Italy. She couldn't loose her mum she means the world to me blah blah blah. Would I be able to sent out £1000 to her as thats all she needed to finish paying for the operation. I flat out refused, I don't have that sort of money just lying around and even if I did no way would I be that stupid to send money to someone in a foreign country and not even meet face to face. She swore on her dads grave that I would have the money back as soon as the gold was put into her name the next week. she then asked me to go to the bank and get a loan out for her. At this point every penny dropped intpo place. I had many suspecions but in the back of my mind I was hoping she was genuine and she certainly played a very very very good story. She has tried contacting me a few times since asking why I havent been in contact with her but i've cut her off dead. I'm so happy I didn't send any money as feelings do take over the brain usually. I have reported her to the dating app, don't know if she has been removed yet.

OMG I have been chatting with her too! I was on findhrr to find like-minded friends and we struck up a conversation. Exactly like you said the story word for word..also saying she had been single for 4 years because her finance died of breast cancer weeks to their weeding. When we spoke on the phone and realised her accent was very strange for someone who had lived in the US for almost twenty years and also she said she had lived in the US for 25 years and moved when she was twelve, so she couldnt do the math cuz that wouldnt make her 37 not 31 like she said. When I clarified I was just looking for friendship she cut me off..probably because she knew I'd be of no use to her. Wow it all makes sense cuz I could learn better chinese than what she called English in 25 years for sure

The same exact thing happen to me! I hope she get caught and prosecuted and go to jail forever!!!!!!!!!! to use Breast Cancer. But she told me the same story she even sent pictures of a Beautiful girl but always got offended when I ask her to send me a current picture. or if she wanted to Skype we exchange pictures I'm hoping she does not do any voodoo on me.

This girl is still doing this I was on mingle2 and she messaged me with same story and today has asked me to send money that is when alarm bells started ringing and looked her up. She has obviously still doing this and just going from site to site. I will not be sending any money. Hope she or even he gets caught soon

I visit this website often. One day I got message from her. Yes, exactly the same name. I didn't tell her I heard her name before. We just talked. She told me she's 35, moved to America 25 years ago. She said her Fiancée died of the war in Iraq, and she's been single for 3 years. We chatted only for one week. BTW her level of English is quite not good.

Does the name Kevin Hinojosa sound familiar to anyone.? devilish good looks, First sergeant in the army, wife died, one daughter Sarah who is at Parsons?

That name doesn't sound familiar but the story does. Mine was a first sergeant with a daughter about to graduate from Colorado. Wife died who bit. cut and paste a message to google to see if they copied it from somewhere.

Does the name Kevin Hinojosa sound familiar to anyone.? devilish good looks, First sergeant in the army, wife died, one daughter Sarah who is at Parsons?

I met someone named Kevin Hinojosa on OKCupid. Claimed to be former military, but wife had died and had a daughter Sarah at Parsons. Laid it on hot and heavy, but noticeable inconsistencies, and he would keep forgetting stuff I told him, like he was probably juggling me with other women. The bells went off, and I found similar stories about him on other sites. I confronted him and haven't heard a word since.

Boy, do I feel stupid. Kevin Hinojosa contacted me on OKCupid as well. Evidently, he's also trolling for gay men. This communication had been going on for four months, and I stupidly agreed to meet his "agent" in Cocoa Beach, FL to 'receive' a package. The package wa two documents, a Money Back Guarantee Form, and an Approval for 8 Weeks Vacation for Sgt. Kevin Hinojosa. They told me he had shipped $1.8mil USD to California, and before it would be released, they needed to 'clear' his account, and the balance was $14,500. I walked away from this woman in the parking lot. She looked like she had crawled off a corner as a panhandler. I told her she and he were scammers. That was the end of that. I felt like such an idiot. I'm a man, and he even sent love letters to me. I called his cell number, and he answered it. He had told me he was on a base in India working for Blackhawk, an Army Contractor. After the meeting, we traded some emails and texts, but "air silence" when I said I figured him out. His number was an area code in the Bronx, and the mailing address was in South Beach, FL. When I confronted him with that person's name, he said it was his Commander! A handsome guy, who knows how to work every con-angle to get someone to agree. So much for online dating! lol.

I just sent him a text, and his response, "Is that all you got?" lol. It's funny, were it not so tragic. I ran his cell number, on Check, and re-ran it again today, after a week, and the numbers have changed, as well as the names of owners of the phone number. Wow... what a ridiculous lesson, and waste of energy. This sucker will eventually get caught. Karma, indeed.

Is either name familiar to anyone? Peres Alex Watkins or Wayne Alex Jackson. Freelance construction, on contract in Nigeria. Needs to get home.

I met a Filipina online she is maganda (beautiful) I met her in a chat room and we now been speaking via webcam on Skype and also on the teephone. I have sent her money on many occasions I reackon over £1500 so far and It's like an addiction I can't stop!! she tells me she loves me and wants to be with me. She is currently in college, (will not tell me which one). I do love her and I am just so scared she is not real I am just holding out in hope that one day e will be together. Comments anyone?

On met a Williams Jose from Rhode Island asking for Money for a simulator control panel with money to be sent to an Annette Lourdes Mentken of Miami Florida who will release the part for 3000 instead of 5000 shipment fee...emotionally staged me romantically and tried to emotionally blackmail me claims to be hospitalized from stress of promised funds I was not going to send..soon after deleted his account but I have careful ladies..never send money

Jose Williams is chatting with me now; and guess where he Nigeria working on a plane simulator. I met him on Match his email is this is my second person trying to scam me and Jose knows about the first one, he hasn't asked for money yet, but I imagine it is right around the corner. The answer of course will be Hell to the NO. But after finding this information I will just not continue to talk to him. He gave me a phone # 786-292-2311.

I believe I am being scammed by a man claiming to be from PA and is in Benin because he does construction contracts. He hasn't asked me for money but is really laying it on thick. His name he says is Robert Esslinger. He has gone overboard with his affection via texts and emails in just three days of talking. I met him on match.

I just realized I was talking to a scammer. For some reason I copy and pasted a message "he" sent me into google and sure enough there it was word for word. I wanted to write back the rest of the script to show I knew they were a scammer, but I read to just stop communicating with them. The thing that stinks is I had just given him my phone number. I am wondering what I should do. Is it enough to block the number? I hate that it is out there! Freaking jerks! I was hesitate about doing the online dating thing....guess I was right to be.

Beware of a south african going by the name of Scott Cameron. Says he lives in South Afica but has an apartment in Tempe, Arizona. Had a profile on tagged but took it down when we started dating online. Likes to use Yahoo messenger, will pretend to have a 4 year old daughter and then come up with a story that they were both robbed a gun point and they were taken to a private hospital and they won't release them because he has to pay out of pocket but they lost everything and needs money. Fortunately I am nurse and knew better, he didn't get a dime! Uses the email address of

anyone came into contact with Lovely Mei C Bocado from Quezon City in Philippines?

I have been completely taken in by her. College fees, medical bills, broken computer, new laptop etc the cost was well in excess of £2000.

I fell for her claims that she loves me, wants to marry me, wants to be with me etc.

The college fees were inflated ten-fold. I was stupid to take her word as truth. I recently found out talking to somebody else from same area who knew about this and from photos had been able to locate the college (as she would not tell me which one). I then discovered that the college she was in was no where in the league in terms of price that I was told by her.

I sent money to her via Western Union many times. I fell in love with the way she spoke to me, her beautiful looks and her "kindness" it was all lies.

Please be aware, I'm sure she has done this before, as during one telephone conversation she slipped up that she used to date a guy from US. Please post this as a warning to others and for me to have any responses. I am so down and torn apart by this whole episode. I simply want to fade away today's date is 23/12/14!! what a time to find out you're a fool.

NOT because of the money, but because I believed she loved me as I love her.

Thank you please respond.

In Dec 2014 Alias Antonio Peppe,Italian , 61 decent, Phila area parents died in car accident 16 years ago only one son,age 28 studing to be a doctor, worked as a general contractor and worked from home traveled overseas to both Paris and South Africia wanted me to wire him money to South Africia to cover rental car and hotel.. I didn't would love to catch this guy,,paid to check out his name and no Antonio Pepe in PA only Miami area,,I was suspicious as his story had many holes in it. Not reimbursed by

Does anyone had something to do with a Scott Duncan? I met him on zoosk and after 4 days he ask me to send my iphone at first as a joke. (his was broken).
Than he got serious and ask me to bye him one or send him money for one. I said no. But that was the moment I started to research the internet and I found a lot of things about a scam.
Next morning I told him that I think he is a scam and he said I insulted him, bla bla.
I'm trying now to get rid of him, but he still text me and tell me he is in love.

Sean Cartwright on Zoosk asked for $600 claiming he lived in Stafford but now out of state on business

Has anyone been contacted by someone on Match that went by the User name Adamkind14 AKA Adam Simon?
This person claimed to be a widower, with a son of 26 years, architect, and of Swedish descent. Very eloquent on his messages.
Anyhow, being an architect that he said he is he had to do a presentation in NY and then afterwards left for Poland. While in Poland, fell and had to have surgery. Did not directly ask for money but I volunteered and only sent a few hundreds to an account here in the US. That should've been my first clue. Anyhow, after so many months in Poland, he said his subcontractors would not allow him to leave until the money that he was going to receive from the company he contracted with clear the bank. His son supposedly was going to get most of the money from his father in law and without asking directly was hoping I would come up with the rest. I said yes to see how far this would go. It so happened that without reason what so ever, I went online and typed scammers and his picture showed up. However, the people on this site were saying that the person on the picture is not the real scammer, and the person on the picture has victim of identity theft. There is more to this story but when he sensed I was not going to send the money he got very upset and I started to ask him to do Skype or send me a recent picture but to no avail. I was wondering if someone has encountered this person.

Met a man names Thomas Martinez on Match and 6 days after chatting with him he said he had been robbed and needed money to pay his hotel bill in West Africa. I told him not just NO but HE double hockey sticks NO!!!! AND these sites should make it impossible for anyone to copy or print pictures if it is not your account. Someone copied my pictures and setup a fake account. I tried to see if he was scammet but the online sites want you to pay for the information - ummmm no way. Why isnt there a site where we can post scammers and their pictures????

where did he live? Was he supposedly from Paris? Someone with that name on is emailing me. I am very suspicious...

I met a guy on a dating site his name he said is Julius Martins. Profile said he lived in my city. Wife died in a car accident, parents are both dead he is an only child. Has a 7 year old son.He said he is a civil engineer - had to leave for Turkey but would return soon. We texted and emailed and ten he asked me to chat on yahoo messenger instead of texting. Had a problem with his bank and couldn't get his money BUT could deposit it into my account and I can wire it to him. He hated to ask this of me but fears it is his only way to get him and his son home. Seriously!

I met a guy on Badoo. His name is Jeremy Abimelik Adams. He said he was Armenian living in Manchester, UK. He supposedly went on business in Malaysia. He is now wanting me to send $2,000 Western Union. Says he is in trouble. Has to pay for lawyer, hotel fees, bank, etc. He sounds serious. Like he really is in trouble over there. Claiming they are corrupt. Scared for his life. He sounds in desperate need. What do you think.

Don't send money to someone you meet online. Don't send a wire transfer. Scammers often ask people to wire money, especially overseas, because once you send the money, it's gone. You can't trace it and you can't get it back.

Scammers often claims to be from one country, and say they're traveling or working overseas. They often tell stories of a traumatic event or a business deal gone sour. Scammers also like to say they’re out of the country for business or military service.

What is he doing with the money. He has my daughter. TooK her husbands life savings. Stole from us on her last trip home. I want her back home. IN PRISON

Please help me. He has my daughter who is a U S CITZEN. Jeremy Abimelik adams has her. Plus all oh her husbands money. She is unsafe to be around

He did the same thing to Donna jean Randon.She tried getting 10,000.00 using a dead women name and S S # She sols all her husbands gold and silve getting money and sending it to the same guy. Then she bough a plane ticket an flew over seas. Please dont send money

Please be cautious of online dating

Hello I was approached on facebook by a guy Named Spencer Duke Bob, he said he was in Nigeria working on a secrect mission and he needed me to send him money because his money was in a box and customs had a hold of it and wanted 15,000 to buy the box out...PLEASE I'm not that stupid. He told me he loved me and wanted to be with me and his wife had died and he just kept pouring it on. He also goes by Charlie, and Richard.

Has anyone had any dealings with Spencer Duke Bob? Was contacted by him on facebook and he started asking me for money, he told me he was in Nigeria but he lived in flordia he said his wife had died and he had one child, told me he needed money cause his was held in customs. he will not stop asking me for money tells me he loves me and that im his sons mom and just a bunch of crap. if anyone else has had any dealings with him please do not send him money it is all a scam

yes he has told me the same thing and I reported him to the FBI fraud dept. he has scammed a lot of women over the years and his facebook account has been deleted and he just keeps making new ones. he is a complete scam artist.

Larry McCoy or McCreary I think he is a scammer in South Africa
He ask for money he is a road contractor.

Can you give me more i for on this. I have recently been talking to a Larry McCoy and have suspicions.

Larry McCoy or McCreary, Is a scammer. I have lots of pictures of him. He claims half white half Mexican. He sent me flowers. I sent him 10k. I have lost my money. Now he wants 32k. He is a road contract but will not prove nothing. Je claim to be from Rockwell Texas. I think he is a liar and scammer.He claims he is 62 years old. His wife is dead. 2 children Alena and Jim. He is nice looking.

I want to report the name of another probable scammer,his story is so similar to what I have read here. It is Martinez Antonio, a contractor in Benin, who has had "disaster" of a worker critically injured, needing money to get him proper care and to finish his contract. Is asking me to send computer now. Professed love, am not sending more money and his texts have dropped way off and seems to not ever read my emails where I ask questions. Watch out for the name Martinez Antonio, says has a daughter, lost his wife 5 years ago, originally from New Zealand and wants to live in US. Contacted me from Zoosk.

I have been on Christian and have been asked for money 4 different times in 4 months...Its a shame you cant find a true person around most of the time.

What's his name? I met David on there professing an undying love and asking now for big money

Totally enjoy ur life

anyone has been scammed by this idiot ? Jonathan Bale ?

anyone scammed by Chris William. Same ole story. Wife died and he has a 5 year old daughter. Said he needs money $7k as he has a contract to build a hotel in S. Africa. Said a friend gave him $4k today and asked me for some money, blah,blah, blah....Says he loves me and wants to marry me, very slick. Buyer beware. Anyone else encounter him?

How about a Larry Jordan from is a handsome man, a military general with a sick daughter in Canada...He is a pro!! Beware!!

Just tried to postmy comment, not sure if it went through....yes, met hin online a couple of days ago, said he was general in US navy,13year old daughter atboarding school in Canada, his wife died during childbirth, only him and his brother left, no more family...I got suspicious when the tyoing and grammar errors got out of hand....I told himn what a mean scammer he is.....

He even sent me an email from a what it seemed military navy account...ending in I wonder how he could technically do that ? I nearly trusted him since finally he would send me that email from that,,navy account".his profile is on OKcupid thisislarrijorda. Wife died while giving birth, none of his parents left, Daughter in Canada etcetc.

I too had been chatting with him (Larry Jordan)on OK Cupid. I think I'll rename the site OK STUPID. I suspected a scam right away.....seemed awfully pushy and was way too wordy & full of spelling & grammar mistakes to be a real Navy person. Thankfully I googled him & found this site full of other similar experiences. I just feel so bad for all the naïve women & men out there. Good luck & keep your wits!!!

Claire Burnett living in Pretoria South Africa from Keller Va, found me on OKC and as soon as we started texting she deleted her account. internet search brings up no such person. no facebook no insta. might just be the first 20 something girl ever not using that app skinny Burnett. She looks like a girl with money but asked for $150 for groceries.

scammer...I've heard the whole grocery money story or the medicine money or someone in the hospital.

Anyone encounter Master Sgt Kenneth Sharp (singleparentmeet)-is a Marine in Syria-wants to transfer funds thru my account

An online love interest who asks for money is almost certainly a scam artist. Don't wire money to someone you don't know, or give them your bank account or credit card numbers.

Scammers use online dating sites to meet potential victims. They create fake profiles to build online relationships, and eventually convince people to send money in the name of love.

Anyone been contacted by a Jones Abril, says he is from Boston MA and is a governement contractor in afghanistan. I asked for proof of life from him, he sent a picture with him, his name and my name with the date on it to me.
He says he wants to break his contract and come back to the states, says that he receives a bonus when he started his contract but because he wants to end it early it will cost up to $10,000 to be paid back and at least 2/3rds of it paid before he can leave.

An online love interest who asks for money is almost certainly a scam artist. Don't wire money to someone you don't know, or give them your bank account or credit card numbers.

Scammers use online dating sites to meet potential victims. They create fake profiles to build online relationships, and eventually convince people to send money in the name of love.

I think my mom is being scammed by a person she met on named Davic Clark. He claims to be an Irishman living in Florida (previously lived in NJ) who just went to Malaysia to work as a contractor. He asked her to send money via wire to Sharon Salongg Patio, Jalan Thambypillai, Brickfields, 50470 Kuala Lampur, Malaysia. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I need help, I'm worried about my mom!

If you're worried about your mom being scammed, you could show her this blog and the comments from other people. Or, ask her to do an online search for the man's name.

It's just not safe to send money to someone you meet online, especially if they ask for a wire transfer. Scammers often insist that people wire money, especially overseas, because it’s nearly impossible to reverse the transaction or trace the money.

Met a guy on Match about 2 weeks ago, total love and fate scenario... Told me he would move to WI and love me forever. His name is Riccardo Gassman. Profile said he lives in studio city California, from Milan Italy. Told me his wife died 8 yrs ago giving birth to his second daughter, he is a beautiful man. Told me he was in Pretoria South Africa buying goods for his grandmothers business which is now his since she has passed 2 yrs ago. Last week he said his credit card was frozen due to fraudulent charge and he could ship his good back to the U.S.. Requested $720 U.S. Dollars I was uncomfortable and asked for documentation which he provided I also asked that he send me some ID he sent me a picture of his Passport whip looked like his pictures online and those that he texted. I wired $500 to whom he claimed was babysitting his girls Michelle Renaud living in a small town in MA, I wanted her phone number we sent a couple of text messages to each other. She told me he was real and every women's,dream. She gave me her bank routing number and account number I wired 500 to her and she wired it to him. I asked for ID from her and she felt uncomfortable and said no.
A couple of days after that Riccardo sent me a text and said he visa had expired and immigration was keeping his passport and charging him $1250 plus $85 per day he was there. He asked for more money to be sent to the hotel manager because he had no ID on him because immigration kept his passport. He also asked for money to change his flt and food money and other stuff. Stupid me feel for,this guy and sent 1900 to the hotel mgr which I could not find his hotel today he told me that he did not pay taxes on his goods and the taxation fee is 10% of his goods which equated to $5500. I have no more money and he said he was going to kill himself and he would miss the girls and me ...Blah blah... I feel so stupid. I want to call the authorities to catch the girl in MA and set up a sting operation in Pretoria South Africa..
anybody experience this with this guy named Riccardo Gassman

You can contact the state Attorney General’s office in Massachusetts, and contact the fraud department of the bank you wired money to.

If you don't know the name of her bank, ask your bank to find out what bank uses the routing number the scammer gave you. When you know what bank she used, you can report the scam to the banking regulator in the bank's home state.

I'm not sure if it's the same guy because of a different name. I met a man on facebook back in March 2015 I had no idea of scammers..anyway told me he was a marine engineer on a cargo ship and when he was going to come home after the cargo docked in south africa his credit card wouldn't go through that someone tried to hack his account in America so the bank.frooze his account I Indiana so he claims. I have been asked none stop for money from this man from any where from shipping things home to late fees on his tickets that I paid for to hotel bills n food to hospital bills because he couldn't leave unless they were paid . He was robbed ..oh n one time the cab driver's wife went into labor the day he was supposed to come home..He had me send the money money gram to the hotel manager because it couldn't be sent in his because he didn't have residency in Pretoria goes by the name GARREY Wesley n says he was widowed 3 years ago has a son in college that isn't able to help. Now I have never ever been scammed but what he has caused in my life in 8 months I am to embarrassed to say...go in arguments protecting saying the don't know what there talking ABOUT! I'm in scrambles because of this n yes the hotel isn't on online when I looked either. Very nice looking white and gave me a false address here in America with a fack picture of the house...the hotel name that I was given is names Kenny or Kinney in Pretoria zip 0002..I'm just furious n having everything investigated....

The information you have would be useful in a complaint. You can report what happened at Law enforcement agencies in the US and worldwide use the information in for investigations.

Riccardo Gassman is texting me. Same guy same story Just hasn't started asking for money yet. What should I do?

I am texting Ricardo Gassman, very handsome, calls me Sunshine, the love of his life he has two daughters he's a widower his wife died giving birth to the second child. Right now he is an Italy buying things for the store his late grandmother gave him. He has claimed he loves me and will move anywhere I want him to and the man is a player. I actually started falling for him he is absolutely gorgeous two beautiful girls I've gotten pictures of them and keeping them and he even has called me. I took the area code and looked it up the area code is Ohio I not Louisiana where he claimed to be living and when he called me he said he was overseas in Italy. I cannot believe how stupid I have been

Ladies anyone hear of Richard Brooks from Sacramento, CA claims his wife died six years ago, Daughter Elena Bethany Brooks got a contract in Dubai he's a Civil Engineer... Very quickly professed his love for me met him on SeniorSoulmates.. He never says my name its always baby honey sweetheart does not have conversations on the telephone its all via text message, emails, IM on Facebook... charmer, beautiful love poems and letter that will make you melt then two minutes later it's I need you to call your bank and have them increase your limit to 10,000 and cash advance to $2500 ... I tell you that is so FRICKEN ROMANTIC!! If I question him about anything he turns all around onto me... Says, I'm insecure, impatient, not understanding... Will snap and cruel in a flash very angry and hostile and it's all my fault why am I doing this to "Us"?

My daughter has been missing since april. She was scammed out of money. She then left the United States. She fell in love with the scammer. His name is Jeremy Abimelik Adams.. She ew to Malaysia. She left thete with no money to Manchester U K. She might be living with other scammer... No one seems to help her mon and dad. Her husband killed himself over it. She got scammed so bad she tried to steal money. She is on the run

Gray Nelson Richard say he's us army need money for army leave reciver name adewale herny adejare Egypt I'm from California

I met a guy called David Odlin who said he works in Benin as a an engineer. He is from Interracial and he fell in love right away. He said his wife died of cancer and he was left with a son . He said he was born to a South African mother and an American father but lived most of his life in the USA. His profile picture is white, but the person that I speak to sound like a black with deep South African accent. I kept wondering why he sound more black. He writes loving emails and a love song is always at the end.Only a month I have known him and he told me about this story with some bid and he needs money. Then is when I told him I have no money and he is a scammer. I already sent pictures. I am more careful now not to send pictures or give out my email

I've heard the whole grocery money story or the medicine mon

I think my mother is being scammed. She told me she met a man online from Kansas City in the US. He claims to be an engineer, who just finished up a contract in Cairo, Egypt. He also happens to be a widower and has an only daughter who is finishing up college soon. He apparently wants to fly to Australia (where we are) in a few days. They've been talking online and text/phone call for a few months and he already suggested marriage. I haven't heard anything yet and he hasn't asked for money (yet), but wondering if this is a typical formula for a scammer? My mother won't believe me when I told her it sounds suspicious!

This has some signs of a scam.
Often, scammers say they're from the US, but traveling overseas on business.
They meet people on dating sites, then quickly move the conversation to an outside email or messaging service.
They may send a photo, but don't want to show their face in a live chat.
They quickly develop a 'connection' with the victim, may say they're in love or start talking about marriage.
They talk about coming to see you, then run into some crisis and need money before they can visit. They may say the airline lost their ticket, or their passport was stolen, or a family member was gravely injured at the last minute.

After the 'crisis,' they ask for money, and they ask you to send it by wire transfer. If you do that, the money is gone forever. Sending a wire transfer is like sending cash; it's almost impossible to trace or recover.
If you see signs like this, it's safer to block and delete the scammer and move on.

I feel certain I am being scammed. Was contacted on pof by someone claiming to be from London England. Goes by Andy Callessen. Anyone else been approached by him? Luckily he hasn't asked for money yet and I will cease contact but he has my email and number. People are evil

I have been talking to Andy since the end of June when he contacted me. I tried to be a smart ass to get rid of him and his response was cute. We talked on phone, he was concerned about the expense for me. I got a Google voice so it would be cheap and an international long distance plan. We talked daily but he took it slow because I thinking he was real was honest about other scammers before him. He did not profess love right away and actually it all seemed very normal. He was going to come visit and then I would visit him. Then he told me his business was in trouble and he would not be able to come. Wanted to break it off but I convinced him not to. But still no request for money. He is very shrewd and intelligent. We talked in POF and on the phone and in gmail everyday. Then he caught me in a lie about seeing a male friend and claimed he needed to see me for us to continue our relationship. Wanted me to send the money for his flight. Then after a few days of him being up late night talking to me, he said he wanted to break it off. Said he couldn't go to bed paranoid and didn't want to talk to me anymore. That was around August 12? I sent a text on Sept 9, the day we had planned for him to arrive. He dropcalled me back meaning he calls and hangs up and I am supposed to call him back. I did and we started talking and emailing again. I couldn't message him in POF due to deleting my account at his request when we were both going to delete accounts. I did and he did not! That was the day before the break up. Since we began talking again, he said he needed to see me but I would have to pay for it. I was supposed to wire transfer the money to his accountant's bank account directly. I was just about to do this when I decided to check his name again. I had searched previously but found nothing. This time I found your post. Sadly but thankfully. I know he has lied to me. Accountant's name is Marley Alon bank account in London.

You can report this to the FTC at The details you have will be useful in a complaint, and the information you give can help law enforcement with investigations.

Has anyone heard from a guy named Mike Edwards from San Antonio? I need to know ASAP PLEASE!

I am sure I am being scammed. Brian Moore contacted me through Chatted about 3 weeks, claimed he is self employed oil rig engineer with his own company. After 3 weeks he left for a big project in Turkey. Three days into his Turkey trip he emailed me he was robbed and all his bank account and credit cards needed to be frozen. Since he has no way to pay his storage or worker, he asked me for money. His phone is 203-871-1761. He claimed he is widowed for 8 years, his only daughter just go married and had her own baby, so he moved from Connecticut to Dallas for a fresh start.

You can report this to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.
Blog comments don't go into the database.

I've been talking to aan by the name of Derek Conte. From Utah. Says he's in Dubai working as a civil engineer. Says he was born in Spain. Raised by grandmother cuz parents died when he was 7. Says he doesn't have way to Skype. Then a few weeks into talking said his credit card isn't working there and wants to come home but nneds money for ticket. I was scammed out of 18 grand previously by man named Harold Gill. I told Derek that I have no money becuz of being scammed. He said he would never do that to me. Now he says he has an opportunity for a contract in Nigeria . wants to transfer money into my account and have me send it to the business in Nigeria. He wants my bank info. I told him I would get a separate new account and he got mad. Says I don't trust him enough. That he's not Harold That I need to trust him. I feel um getting scammed again.

Don't send money to someone you never met. A lot of scammers who 'meet' people online tell stories about being overseas, and after a couple weeks they have a financial crisis and want you to help.

Don't let someone you never met use your bank account. If you give him your bank account number, he could take all your money, even if he promises he won't. You don't have to let someone use your bank account just because he asked.

A scammer might ask you to deposit a check in your account and then withdraw money to send him. If it turns out that he sent a fake check, and you already withdrew money, you have to repay the bank all the money you withdrew.

Met this guy on match in January. His name is James Fennech. City lived in Nashua New Hampshire A contractor who was doing a job in China. Immediately needed money after 2 weeks. Didn't have enough for tools then he was shot And robbed and needed money to get out of the hospital. Then he was arrested for not paying taxes on the job. Then had somebody who sent him money to buy him equipment And he needed help in doing that And then said he was coming back to the United States And pick him up at the airport. When I got to the airport there was another lady there also there to pick him up. We exchanged a little of our stories. She was out $50,000. Very convincing conman. Oh yes told us all about his mother from Malta. Stay away ladies.

Wow thats alot of cash

yes it was alot of money and he sent flowers are chocolate strawberries too...jerk

I have been reluctant to share all the names of scammers that I have been in contact with but I should warn other people. I have not sent money yet, almost did today but did another name search and it came up here.
From Match, Eric Thomas(sent flowers), Julio Castaneda, Branimir Sebastjan, Peter Bellini, Jeff Hawkins, James Williams, Ryan Kauffman, Bradley Bruno

From POF Hector Lorenzo(there were actually 3 different ones using this name), Kelvin Olade, Tran Quang, Bryan Walker, Michael Adams(sent expensive flowers, candy and teddybear), Milton Specht

From OKCupid, Marcus Reed(sent expensive flowers)
There are some others not listed here, but all of these have asked for money except for Jeff Hawkins who asked for a care package and Branimir Sebastjan. They were listed on scammer sites.

GreatGary on Match...not real. Goes by Gary Olsen, Gary Gary real...supposed Architect living in El Segundo. GaintGary Had to leave suddenly for business in Malaysia before we could meet. Very charming. Speaks with a 'dutch accent' When he fit the 'scammer profile' I asked for proof of his identity. He tried to smooth talk me. No identify proof. Not more talking and texting. He said BYE.

Craig Dutton, SwEtLife Dutton Love is his Skype. Story: working on an oil rig...French, has a house in Beverly Hills - daughter Kelsy. Will be home the end of the month. Retiring soon and wants to travel the world. Said no phone contact possible on rig, no video skype. Skyped with him for a couple of weeks. He wanted me to reveal my face on Skype without his revealing his. When I asked for proof of identity...poof - He disappeared. He was good at gradually building trust and monopolizing time...not a big LOVE talker...but he was heading there.

Would love to share pics see if same

i would like to post a picture and see if anyone knows who this is

has anyone had dealings with a man calling himself BillM Whiteinee

Ladies, you aren't the only one that is getting fooled. I was fool by a "good, professional person". Here is my story; I went to Tinder; a dating site and within several days, I was contacted via Tinder an individual named "Brenda", who lived outside of my requested mileage for dating. When I brought that particular mileage difference, she stated that she was in my local area for a business trip. One of the things for the dating site "Tinder", you must have a Facebook account. I asked her if she had a Facebook account, which she replied that she had deleted it because of her previous ex-boyfriend. We continued to chat online via Tinder, and then she gave me her cell phone and email to continue our relationship. When I tried to call her, it was connected with "Google system". This system will only receive voice mail and text messages. You cannot get a one-on-one telephone communication. When I did some more research into the "Google system", I found out that the number that she gave me was a "front number"; whereas her true number was hidden. When I asked why we couldn't actually verbally talk, she mentioned that she had phone problems, but she could still receive and send out text messages. Since then, she has stated that she was traveling to London and then to Nigeria for a business trip. But, she wants to quit her job and live with me; since I am a retired military person. Silly me and being a warm-hearted Christian, I wired money not her, but to another person for her; which I asked her about that... strange. She didn't reply to my question. Last Monday, I received an email with an attachment of her airline travel reservations from Nigeria to where I live at in Kentucky. We continued texting for several days after I received the airline reservation. When I went to meet her at my local airport, I noticed that she didn't arrived. When I asked the airline ticket agent if she was on any of the flights; since she was coming from Overseas, the ticket agent stated that she wasn't. When I called the airline (Delta and KLM), they informed me that the copy of the ticket reservation travel was not one of theirs. And they have been a lot of phone calls and emails from other individuals like me, stating the same thing. Shockingly, in a 3-hour timeframe after her was "supposed" plane had landed, I received a text from her, stating that she was in financial situation, and her sponsor for the trip had left the county and left her with the bill. Having not enough money for the hotel expenses, the hotel manager "supposed to have" taken her passport, and she wasn't going to get her passport back until the hotel bill expense was paid in-full ($3200). This bill was just for a 1-week stay in Ikorodu, which is located around 20-30 miles from Lagos, Nigeria. Since she was close to a local US Embassy in Lagos, I told her to contact the Embassy and explain the situation. She stated that she did, but they couldn't help her. They will help her with the rescheduling of the airline ticket, but she is responsible for the hotel expenses. She has told me that she has been threaten by the same hotel manager that she is going to be put out on the streets if she didn't come up with the money ($3200). Again, I told her to go to the Lagos US Embassy and tell them of the situation of being put out on the streets. She replied that the Embassy couldn't give me shelter. Which I knew was a lie. As much as I have traveled overseas, the one thing that I have found out, if you are an American citizen and you need to go to a US Embassy for protection, you are always welcome. Since then, she has asked me on numerous times to wire her less than $3200, thinking that the hotel manager will accept it and give her back to passport. When I asked her what hotel she had stayed at, she gave me a hotel name. When I went on the Internet to find it, there was no such hotel. The nearest one that was close was in Lagos, Nigeria. When I asked her exactly what city she had stayed at, she again replied; Ikorodu. I didn't say anything. I did some more research on the Internet, and found out that the Facebook account that she stated that she had deleted, was deleted or removed. The Facebook account has just the basic information so Tinder can accept it. But I haven't nor will I tell her that Facebook information. The funny thing was, when I did the initial Facebook search at the beginning of our texting, it didn't show anything. But, now it does... As my late parents would say, "If it is too good to be true, it is not".

Grant, thank you for sharing your story.

I met a guy a online. He said that he is a U.S. Army stationed in Nigeria and I fell for him. Being a kind woman I offered to send him a gift for his birthday which is supposedly Nov. 5. So, I sent the package addressed to another person named Hassan Ganiu who is supposedly a Nigerian Army who will pick up the packages at the Post Office for U.S. Armies stationed in Nigeria. The address was 128 Oriwu Rd. Ikorudu, Lagos, Nigeria. This man that I fell with was really good for making me believed everything he had said. Two weeks after since we started talking, he said that his Mom who is in Ohio is having health problems and needs to be transferred to Virginia hospital for surgery and that the Doctor at Virginia Hospital was asking for $2,500 as partial payment before a surgery must be done. Surgery in the U.S. will not only cost a total of $5000. He also said that his Mom does not have medical insurance that is why they need to pay out of pocket. And since he is in Nigeria, he could not access his bank account here in the U.S. for his Mom's hospital bill, so he asked me to send the money to a person named Tara Simmons in Newport News, Virginia. He said that his son Cody is with his Mom at the hospital, I anticipated that the money will be sent to Cody who is supposedly 19 years old. I felt so stupid that I let myself fall for this guy who named himself Victor Kudelka. At least not stupid enough to send Tara Simmons for the amount of money he was asking me for. I learned from this mistake and I will never again be so trust giving to anyone I will meet on an online dating site.

This was one of his lines, "I love you endlessly my source of happiness and i will do everything possible to make you remain the happiest woman on earth as long as i am still living my sunshine".

Also. posted pictures of stolen U.S. Armies photos on his profile at and also sent more to my email.

I hope that others will find these stories and information useful.

On the contrary, I met my late husband online, he was one of the most honest man I ever met online. I probably will not find anyone like him ever again. We had a successful marriage and wonderful memories together.
Good luck with your search for happiness.

I was approached by a man on Facebook last March, his name is Beto Fabio Raymond. He told me he's divorced , has a daughter 15years old and 82 years old mother. they live in London UK. His hometown is New Brighton , New Zealand. Beto told me he' a marine engineer, graduated from the university of Oxford. He is chief engineer and working on the container ship MSC CLORINDA. Till June 2014, one day he sent me message thru WhatsApp that his ship had mechanical issues, all the people have to transfer to Laguan island Malyasia, he had cash $400k+ in the safe, needs to be transferred to safety place. He said that he put all the money and his passport in a small box and give the agent name- SAFEGUARDS SS. He wanted to send box to me becsuse he doesn't has close friends. He really wanted to be with me, he trusts me. Then I was started making mistake, I have given him my home address , later he sent me tracking number of small box thru email. He asked me to contact agent Sophie. This lady updated the status of box shipment . Several days later, she sent him email and cc to me that the box is being held by customs, Beto has to pay for penalty and also agent fee. He told me he ran out of money, he needs my help, he was sick etc. I felt in love with him, I compl trust his story, i sent money to the banking account in Malyasia, but it's not under his name. To cut long story to short, I have wires the money to him around$250k. Early this year, he was back to LONDON, he always tell me that he will be with me soon, he will pay me back soon. I required the schedule from him, there is no answer, he always has excuses. Last week, he told me his coworker will wire transfer $300k from business account , he checked me if I do have business account. I say no, he asked me open one for him , he will return money to me. He sent me the website link of DIRECT INCORPORATIONS, he expected me to open a business account . I asked him to send me some money , he refused to do so. Till now, I have to say I'm being scammed!

hi, I met a man in Facebook named Johnny Webeck, Same as other story here, he is from UK, have a daughter who live in his mother and his dad died but wasn't been paid by Malaysian government as his dad is finished a construction in Malaysia. He sound so genuine. Same as the other , he declares he's undying love and he is willing to take care of my children that we will get marry once he get back from Malaysia to get his dad's money as he is the sole beneficiary. Sad thing is we talk for almost two months and I actually fall for him. When he is in Malaysia he to.d me the same thing that he can't get the money that he needs to pay 5000 to process thing as his father never paid the tax. Straight away I was alarm and would you believed it its just today that he told me this. Since it's a big money which I have no plans to send, I research straight away and found these comments here. I went back on Facebook and told his to f off and don't bother me again. I blocked him. I feel more angry than hurt coz I wasted not only an effort but my emotion as well. But before that I was skeptical about him only have girls friend on fb and they all look rich. It's ok to go online dating but try to be cautious coz there's still good people out there. For me, asking someone a money without meeting in person is a total scam. I hope he ask me money one week after, at least I would have been not wasting my emotions. If anyone encounter this person, be ware.

I was contacted by Richard Alonso on Facebook. Fake profile page. oil contractor so he says, lol request to chat on Yahoo then the I love you,I want marry you crap, I am in Benin Africa I need money my equipment is broken I have a matter of days to finish so I can come home New York. BS gets nasty when he hears no, lol Also, He is a so professes to be a Christian and claims to be a widower. The devil is a liar!!!

Also, Richard Alonso is using the Chevron logo on his face book page do not accept his friend request! He is pictured leaning by a bridge

Do you have his picture

Anyone heard of a philip armstrong..only child..father dead. From canada... hes greek french works for pertronas .. Now cant get his check from them until he pays his agent ...wich is for his clearance.. or for taxes got to he paid needs 2500 to get hus check.. meet on asian dating..wants to marry me.. i suggested the canadian embassy.. i looked up his on googe.. male scammers.. nothing shows.. he wants the money to be wired to maybank and a woman

Do not send money to someone you don't know. Do not let him use your bank account to wire money.  If you use your bank account and a scammer sends you a fake check or stolen check, the bank will come to you when it investigates. The bank might close your account. You might have legal problems.

If you give someone your bank account number, he can take your money. 

A scammer can steal a photo from online and pretend to be that person. He can make up an email address.  A scammer could be a woman who uses the picture and name of a man to trick you.

I met this guy on zophia sat his name is Nicholas Campbell from California and working in England on a oil project contract after speaking to him for two days he say he love me I told him I dont .cause there r to many catfish out there then he told me a few days after how he got to his hotel and the manager told him that he need to pay him bill so I say ok .Then he say r u going to ask me how much I say hell no then he say if u care about me u will send me 999 pounds I say to him ur a scammer and ur real name is not Nicholas Campbell cause I did some investigation on u and found out u live in Nigeria he delete him page and his yahoo email beware of this email is nicho4luv he is a scammer

I would like to see pictures of Karl

I was also duped by a man who gave his name as Bernard Addo, a ghanaian staying in Kentucky, USA and a cardiologist. He said he lost both his parents when he was in his teens and he's left with his only brother who is schooling in one of the universities in ghana, he told me he has purchased a land im his brother's school and is building a hostel and a mini mart and it was time to pay the workers but he was at a workshop in canada so he couldnt make any transactions, i sent the money to his brother but today i cant hear from him neither his brother. I have his picture so please lem me know if any of u has come across him, thanks

I'm not sure if it's a good or bad thing that I can find the scammers right off. I think I've been online too long lol. So, this was a guy named Jim that lived in Dodge City area, KS who was in the medical field. This was on eHarmony. Instantly he wanted to go to offline chatting since his account was to expire soon (sigh). So, I went with it just to see if I could catch him. It was a newer story that I had heard. His parents had died when he was a child, he was from Germany, and moved to Denmark, and his aunt raised him. Went to University of Hamburg. So, I investigated and found the same wording email almost word to word:

I reported him, not sure what it will do. He was using the email address of Jimmy Wade, and this email wallisjimmy089

I even gave him an out in the email to him saying how fake people were, lol

Yeah, Jim right off the bat, I met him in person though.

Beware of a Mike b Coleman! Met him on a free chemistry weeken and he now owes me 600$ and still asking for more. This was my first online dating experience and I'm not going back!

Met a black guy name Joshua k Mullins from Spartanburg South Carolina He kept asking me for money I played for a little while Until he sent me his routing and account number when I tell You he was over broke.. Ladies he's on almost every dating site He's 27 please be careful I also heard he has a girlfriend and hiv

I have a friend that is totally in love with a man she met online. Promises of diamonds, new mercedes , pick out a house ,etc. From Texas , works for UN. Was in Syria , got shot but had on vest , needed money . Needed money to pay to get out of Syria. Went to Nigeria, found lots of money with 3 others and got caught. Nigerians kept money but wanted 1600 to pay fine. In meantime daughter in car accident 1600 to move her to another hospital for better treatment. After payments and finally flights to come to FLorida , was hit by a car while on a bicycle getting tickets. Hospital will not let him go until he pays bill. Supposedly very wealthy in Texas bit cannot call a bank , has no credit card. Tells her , his 2 children will now make her a mother and they will marry right away. Of course after she tells her husband of 40 years .....She is on disability , cannot pay phone, lights, mortgage , gas but keeps sending money and will not beieve me. He keeps saying he is coming on the white horse !!! Advice

To help your friend, you could show her the warnings from dating sites  in this blog (look at the top of the page). The dating sites tell people:

DON’T ever send money to someone you meet online. Scammers often ask people to wire money, especially overseas, because it’s almost impossible to reverse the transaction or trace the money.

Some romance scam victims learn that they're being scammed when they search online for scammer's name or alias. Victims see that the scammer has used the name with other people. Some victims type in part of a message the scammer sent, and find he sent the same message to other people. Some people use a search engine and look for copies of the scammers photo, because scammers often steal pictures of real people.

If you're friend is sending money by wire transfer, you could have her call the wire transfer company and tell her story. The wire transfer company may tell say the story fits a scam pattern, or may have a list of known scammers. Your local Adult Protective Services agency might be able to help your friend if she's being defrauded and is having trouble paying her bills.

I met a guy named Frederick Zook Hogan who claims to be originally from New Zealand but is now working on sub-contract in India on OkCUPID. It started off normal and he told me he would be in India for another month but after two weeks he took another job upon a ship and voyage took a month and a half but after a week he told me he had a shipment coming in from China and he could not pay the customs fee because he could not access his accounts upon the ship. He had left 40lakhs to pay for this but the amount left was about 15000 dollars but he was able raise all of it except for about 4,500. He was trying to raise the funds but was coming up empty. He badgered me non-stop to send money to help him. If I truly love him, I would help on and on it went. I eventually sent 1K but refused to send anymore. He said, he would take care of the rest once he reached land but fees were adding because it was sending in storage. He finally gets on land and flies back to India to handle his business but wouldn't you know it he lost his phone in the cab so he can no longer chat with via viber. His bank account was hacked and the bank said it would take 7 business days to clear up the problems. He is very frustrated and if I loved him, I would send him money cause he is flat broke. I told him no, I would not, well now he is saying he will kill himself and so on and so forth. what a waste of human space.

Anyone ever heard of a Cory Michaels claims hes all Italian but sounds lime a country whiteboy? Has buff pics says he lost his daughter ..and his wife to to have money. Please help before he scams other women.

i am female some persons take me fraud use word help cant help me my number is +920 my email is ambreen please help me I need urgent financial support plz help me immediately to save my respect my baby is in ventilator few months before I can borrow someone money I return back and someone take me fraud I have 2 kids help me plz I live in Karachi Pakistan I face more struggles
I need ,200000 $ dollars +920 please help me immediately please contact me on my phone or email how i can face my problems he is not good person he play game 20 members life please help me

3 ways to know a scammer.
1. If he ask you for money.
2. If He want you to pick up a transfer for him
3. Repeat number 1.

Sometime back a met a woman from a dating site called She wanted to communicate off this site by giving me her personal e-mail address and so I followed through. She had an residence listed in L.A. She also had a Facebook page with some pretty nice stuff on it, but since has dropped it. The first number of times we wrote our communication seemed fine, until she told me she had to go to Nigeria on a business trip. I told her I did not like this, but she went anyway and everything changed after that. She ran out of money and could not pay her hotel bill and asked me for money. Like I fool I helped her out. Then she needed money to come back home to the States. I helped out here, but there was always an excuse why she didn't make the flight; a car accident putting her in the hospital; leaving her purse in her car and getting robbed. I was a fool! It was a little over $4000. I spent on her, and yet she claims she is not a scam. She now tells me she has malaria and needs medical expenses to pay for her treatment. I quit sending her money a long time back but she still tells me she loves me and wants to come back to the States from Nigeria to be with me. I told her I will not send her any money for anything anymore. She also tells me she has a plane ticket, but because she went to a loan shark to help her financially in Nigeria, she put her passport up a collateral, so she can't leave Nigeria until this debt is paid. If I send her money to pay off this loan, she is able to come to the States. I refused! Now she is telling me she wants to set up a separate banking account as joint so she can send me money to that account so she can save money to get back to the States. She can not have an account in Nigeria because she is a foreigner. I am very sure I am dealing with a scammer. The name she goes by is Bola Olarewaju and her e-mail is omobolanle . She is residing in Nigeria the City: Shomolu, State: Lagos. She gave me an address of 105 Ikorodu Rd., Shomolu. I noticed she has a site created on Google+ with her picture and another name as Amy Goings. I do have recent pictures of supposedly her and we are still communicating on e-mail and Google Hangout because I want to get my money back. She tells me that when she gets back to the States and comes to me, she will pay me back as her deceased father left her with a lot of money, but she can not access this account while in Nigeria. I told her she is a scam and she tells me she is not, that she if very honest and sincere, she means well and still wants to see and be with me. This has been going on for about 6 months now. So you tell me what kind of a mess I have here. Please!

Why does everyone go to work in Maylasia. I am talking with a Vet from Austin,Tx that got a contract to go vaccine animals?? Another one on his way home this weekend, yes he loves me so much....contract work in Dubai and worker got hurt so he has to pay (only needs $3600) more to release his passport. told him sorry, I didn't win power ball lottery so can't help him, now he is pissed with me??? offended that I would say that as he didn't ask me for money...will admit I was taken by his charm but had done my homework to see these 'Look for" scam alerts...he is from St. Simon's Ga..can't pull his cell number up on reverse but interesting that I can't find any of their names on Google search and don't pay for Reverselook up app to search photos as it is useless...put mine up and it showed Hillary Clinton as look alike..Dear God..there aren't any photos that actually come close to matching photos I have received. These guys were on have had fun with it....
have to admit, I slipped up and gave one my address in a weak moment then got ticked with him as he would intermittently respond to my text....Told him I didn't have time for games....2 days ago, I got 24 beautiful roses, teddy bear, chocolates and I Love You balloon......sent me photos of him with his children at Christmas...and yes, he left today to go to Alabama then chopper to Gulf of Mexico for 2 weeks....I await his return....LOL

I met this supposed teenager from Africa named Amie Cham, I got an email from her saying she got my email address from We exchanged a couple emails back & forth for about a week or so, she had seemed sweet and kept telling me about her life. She would make me bad telling me stories of her having to leave school to support her family, worked on a farmland and dreamed of seeing New York one day.
I thought I made a new friend and would encourage her to stay strong, until one day she sent me an email asking for financial help. She begged me, asking for any amount because her family struggled. She gave her her mom's western union account too.
I found it suspicious because I had already told her I do not work at the moment since I am a full time student and rely on my parents a lot.
She even sent me a pic of herself, claiming a friend took the pic for her since she doesn't have a phone. I wasn't sure it was her since she couldn't provide more pictures.
I will not send money, I find it suspicious and might stop responding to her emails since she sent at least 2 begging for money.
I know there are a lot of scammers online so I wan't to be careful.

Ted Bellanger, supposedly from The Bronx, a widow, wife died in a car accident 5 years ago, has a 15-year-old daughter. Petroleum engineer, has his own company. Sent me pics that he stole from another person's facebook profile. Supposedly went to Turkey for a big contract. Luckily I found this out BEFORE he asked for money! I'm sure he was getting to that

This guy calls himself Dylan Elliott Hunt... Or Delay on facebokk claiming its a typo.i recently met him on Tinder from Manchester..Within first few hours I realised there is something dubious with him. He told me his dads a Brit and mums a Indian from a certain town..etc. Started professing his love and tht he wants to get settled. Ofcourse I am not buuying that. Told a friend and showed him the pic... This guy has also approached my friends friend through truly madly and the same story. except some details here and there.. Claims his dad runs a company called 5th Cent.. construction firm in london.. and as expected not on google.... doesn't have a linked in profile.. claims to be an oxford grad.. I am currently figuring out whats his motive and will have him traced. And will definitely report him .... don't want him open to victimising anyone . Waiting for him to come down to india.. Will be very cautious.

Hi, just read your article and has taken me by surprise! I think I am talking to the same person. Only difference being, per the story shared with me already he was supposed to be in India as of yesterday, but is stuck in a different city due to some reasons. Am keeping my guards up more on this. Thanks!! And you be careful too.

Hi He has been nabbed at the KOlkata airport. I got a call from the airport that he was caught for carrying execessive cash.. Ofcourse i have clearly informed the airport authorities that I didn't know him in person and that he was coming here on pretext of meeting potential marriage prospects.

heard any more from him?

I got an email from a domain reissedwards saying that my son is about to be deported. They sent me a number to call them on the email. I did not call the email but called the company instead. They told me that they are not aware of my case. I gave them the telephone number on the email and we were able to trace it to some scammer in Ilford. I think reporting scam cases as they occur is key to combating it. People are working hard for their money and some people are just sitting down infront of a computer and stealing them.

I have a friend who I am sure is being scammed, this guys name is Albert Alvarado. he cant pay his hotel bill in London and needs to get back...I need to know if anyone has dealt with this guy.....

I have a friend that has been talking with him since August 2015. She has the same story that he is in London and needs to pay his hotel bill to get home.

Stephen Hunter from USA - Manhattan - gold trader - daughter in Canada - asked for money as she has been burgled - now he can't pay fare home from Qatar - anyone know him - pics on Facebook from someone else

Mark Bailey/Newport Beach (swedish 59 yr old male). Is working for a Construction company as a Civil Engineer in ISTABUL TURKEY on contract. Asked for $2500.00 because his wallet was stolen. But he's a millionaire with a beach front home in Newport Beach. SCAMMMMMER. I have 2 photos of what he's passing off as himself. It's not him. SCAMMMER

I never used a dating site before and the first good looking guy from my area emailed me to meet. We meet at Starbucks and he was handsome,sweet but had VERY feminine manorisms. My best friend is gay and he is more masculine. He told me he was diagnosed with a symptomatic terminal incurable cancer. Stupid me, I keep thinking in the back of my head "shouldn't he be looking for a man instead of a woman". I'm a nurse and very caring especially twords I'll people. Can't imagine having to deal with that kind of diagnosis. 

He was so charming and kind I really liked him. We went on several dates he was such a gentleman,promising love,trips,loyalty even saying he wanted another child. I lost my job and the night after saw him for a date. Everything seemed fine,we even were a bit intimate(knew something was up). The next day he stopped texting and he usually text me at least 5 times a day plus calls. I text him and asked him what was going on. I got a nasty reply. I googled him and found several reports of lawsuits against him and money he owed. Still stupid me thought we all have skeletons. I text him again and again but no reply. Finally I mentioned gently that I had found him online. An hour later he sent me a text saying we were incompatible and so what if he mislead me. I was in shock. I never accused him of misleading me. I asked him to please call and talk to me on the phone. I told him how much I cared about him.Nothing. Not to talk myself up but I'm a 5 foot 10 inch slender bikini model with national campaigns. I didn't do anything but be kind. I don't know what the scam was but left heart broken I feel he was not into women so why did he spend all the time and money and then act so cruelly?

Caveat emptor (buyer beware). I too was contacted by a man calling himself Benjamin Odlin from Wellingborough, Northants UK allegedly ! The first one or two emails seemed perfectly normal but thereafter began to be unbelievably vomit inducing they were so OTT. He told me that he was French and had been brought up in Monaco ..... Hmmm, what on earth was he doing in Wellingborugh ? It was his work and he was out of the country tendering for an engineering contract in Cotonou. Poor man's wife had been a designer and had died 7 years previously leaving him with a 17 year old son who, was living with his, Benjamin's 'ma' (shouldn't that have been Maman ? After all, he was French. I had worked in Northampton along the Wellingborough Road but he made no comment which, if he really knew anything about would surely have prompted him to. This and other unanswered questions put me on high alert andI decided to do a search for a Benjamin Odlin from Wellingborough.

Surprise surprise, no one of that name. I kept the game going until he telephoned me. The voice did not match the rather nice photograph which had appeared on Further investigation led me to Republic du Benin site where low and behold his telephone number was listed as a 'scammer !'. Every ounce of syrup he wrote to me was paid back fourfold to him. My friend and I did a reverse profile of his photograph and whoa, he turned up as George    of Oregon City USA and then the photograph comes up on a USA free dating site as Paul     of Los Angeles, California. By this time I'm thinking gosh, this man must have a pretty fast bike to get around the States, and Wellingborough too! If this man is real and alive how awful if he is happily married and doesn't know how fraudulently he is being used. He looks really nice.

My last mail to 'Benjamin/George/Paul' was a real cracker. Fortunately I had not at that stage been asked for any money and, would NEVER have sent any if asked, but I did enjoy scamming a scammer. The last words I wrote are unrepeatable but ended with 'off'. I immediately had my bank accounts blocked, changed my email address and should he try and contact me again by phone I have a blocker on that too. I have notified police in USA and here in UK. My advice to anyone in these situations is if they sound too good to be true, they usually are. Do some detection work of your own and if it don't add up then close the gate before the horse has bolted along along with your money and your dented pride.

Well I have just had the experience of someone trying to scam me. His name is Simon Mancini and he's from Northlake USA. He's supposedly a single dad to a son aged 5 as his wife died 3 years ago. He grew up with his grandmother as both of his parents died when he was a baby but his gran died last year from cancer. I met him on Tinder and he very quickly asked for my email address and started sending me emails. I would get one very long email every morning when I woke up (as I'm based in the UK). The declarations of love came along very quickly. His emails always had poetry and lots of questions as he wanted to get to know me. However, he never answered my questions. His emails were always on new emails rather than replies to previous ones (as normal people do) so I suspected that he was copying and pasting and sending these emails to a number of women. He never called me by my name, was always 'my love' or 'baby'. We messaged on Skype but here's where my scammer was different. We did actually speak on Skype too, so I know that he was the guy in the photos. Then he told me that he was going to South Africa on business (he was a procurement officer and structural engineer) for a week (this week) but would come to visit me after for a week or two (but no I wouldn't let him stay at my house, he would have to stay in a hotel). Then he arrived in SA and called me on my mobile so that I could see that it was an SA number. He also sent me a picture of him in a room with an african theme but it was a very badly photoshopped picture of him from a beach on to this background, but thought maybe he's just having some fun and goofing around. Then on his second day out there he had an unexpected bill of just over $12,000. He payed $5,000 and his best friend was lending him $2,500 (but bear in mind he told me he didn't have any close friends...) but he was panicking about the other $5,000. At this stage my heart dropped. But I played dumb. I said 'oh no, does that mean that you won't be able to afford to come to the UK to see me after all'. This went on for a bit but he kept going on about how he hadn't been able to find the money. Didn't ask me directly for it. I had told him in our previous emails (right at the start) that I was very sensitive to being used for money. I had also the week before been put at risk of redundancy! So I said to him 'I do hope that you are not asking me for the money'. He replied that he wasn't but if I was in a position to help he would pay me back when he came to the UK. Things were a bit weird that evening and rather than messaging all night as usual there were hardly any messages. I've got severe sleep deprivation at the moment due to the worry about my future (my job, not in relation to him). So the next morning I was actually very upset and was in tears. He seemed to view this as an opportunity to really lay it on thick saying that if I loved him I would lend him the money, he was my fiance (he wasn't btw but always referred to me as his fiance or his wife), that he would do it for me if I asked etc. Really trying to bully me into it. I told him that I wasn't in a position to help him with any money (I'm not stupid enough to send money to someone that I've never met, so he wasn't getting a penny) given that I'd just lost my job and that if he loved me like he claimed to he wouldn't have asked in the first place and would not be making me feel so bad for not being able to help him. I've not heard from him since (this was 3-4 days ago). However, given he knows I'm getting my redundancy money in June I fully expect that he will be back in contact at some point which is when I will tell him exactly what I think of him. This guy is 100% a scammer and a crappy human being - beware!!

Anybody ever have contact with a Mac Anthony?


I think I was contacted by the German guy. Was his name Rob Carrick?

I went on and met someone who fits right into this. Boy I bought it all hook line and sinker. He sent me pics of him with his dog, him with his son. Told me that his ex would take him for everything if she knew he had money hidden in Dubai. I bought gifts for his son, sent him money so that he could make this big business deal and he would pay me back 3-fold. I told him I had no more to give him..that well was dry but he kept asking. He contacted months later and said he could finally pay back the money all he needed was for me to fill out this application and he would put it all on a credit card and send it through his connection here in the states. All he needed was my SSN...LOL. he got pissed off when I told him no..he said well I'm not asking for your bank account number am I. Please. I am such a fool. I sent money to someone he told me was his mother and then he could get it from her. I got a copy of her blank check along with her address in Canada. I even called her on the phone and was reassured that all was legit. The last contact with him was January 13, 2016. He asked for the info for the bank account for his mother. Now why would I have to give that when she could give it to him. Obviously I have been scammed but was to naïve and lonely to realize it. I got the "I love" all that crap and I fell for it all. The name he gave me was Ricardo Louis Thompson...address in Lexington, KY. He is supposedly from Italy . His mom and dad live in Canada. Her name is Camellia Thompson. His sons name was Stephen about 12 or 13 years old. There was a Richard Alonso on this site that sounds like same person. I do not have any pics of him that I can find. My computer crashed with all that on it. But if someone can send me a pic of this Richard person I can tell you if its the same guy. Just want to know for sure since I probably will never speak to him again. I first had contact August 2013 and have had sporatic contact up through January 2016..

The details you have would be useful in a complaint. You can report this to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations. You can also report this to the dating website, and, if you used a wire transfer service, to that company.

I strongly believe my mom is being scammed by a "Alex Nicklas." He is supposedly an engineer from the UK and currently on a contract assignment in Malaysia. My mom is a widow and she "met" him thru a friend on facebook and I haven't been able to find him since day 1 on facebook.

Yesterday, it came to our knowledge that she had been wiring him money in Malaysia. He told her his checks were difficult to cash there and he needed money to get by until. He sent her a picture of a check with his name on a Malayasian Bank check. 1. The currency was incorrectly spelt wrong "United State of AmeriCAN dollar" and not in RIGGET (the malaysian currency). I contacted the bank and sent them a copy of the check" and they said it appeared fraudulent and to report it. 2. He sent her some pic of some document "contract" Titled "mALYASIAN cUSTOM AND TAX CLEARANCE" WTF is that? I have googled the address on there and nada; the thing looks like a basic WORD DOCUMENT WITH WORD ART. 3.I reverse looked-up his picture and did not come up with anything. When I pressed her as to why he didn't have facebook, she said he told her he no longer needed it since he found her and she was his life. 4. He calls her his wife.

They communicate in WHATSAP. I have read some of the messages. They are primarily one-sided from him, a lot of pretty lies and smooth crap. My mother's English is very broken. His English isn't always consistent. 5. I believe she is being tag teamed, she says she has spoken to his mother and his kids. He is supposedly a widower too. 6. I contacted her friend that my mother met him thru, she said she doesn't "know him" but that he found her thru facebook. She said she blocked him because he was telling her he loved her and was calling him his wife and that he scared her. The phone number he uses in whatsapp is +44 7597 742836. I wish I could post his picture on here, if it is him... White male, looks between 50-56 years old, glasses, receding, thinning hair. My poor mom suffers from mental illness and still believes he is real.

Sometimes when a person is being scammed, it's hard for them to believe it. Could you find someone your mom trusts to talk to her about this? Is there a doctor, friend, neighbor etc. who could talk to her about what's happening?

You can contact the wire transfer company and explain the situation.  Ask if they can help by stopping transactions, or will talk with your mom.

Sometimes your local Adult Protective Services can help when an older person is being exploited. is a free government website you can use to find services for older people.

If you think your mom gave her bank or credit card account number to a scammer, you could contact her bank or credit card company.

All of the guys that have contacted my mom have her switch to WhatsApp because it encrypts all messages making it private. She has sent $1700 to Ghana. I just wish there was something I could do before she gets in any deeper.

IIs there someone your mom trusts who could talk her about this? Sometimes a friend, neighbor, sheriff or someone from a state attorney general's office can persuade people when family members can't. You can contact your state and local consumer protection agencies and state Attorney General’s office. 

You could contact the wire transfer company and report scammers to them.  Sometimes your local Adult Protective Services can help when an older person is being exploited. is a free government website you can use to find services for older people.

Why is it the same story all the time!?!? Lots of cancer. Widows. Engineers. Verified with my mother. Italians from the UK. Help me understand when people fall for these chickenhawks! I thunk this website should go further into the mind of the victim and why they fall for these scams! That would be more helpful than warnings ang descriptions! Just saying....

Hello, I' wondering about a person close to me. She met someone on Internet, pretending to be an Italian-American (the person close to me lives in Europe), an engineer being sent to Dubai and he has now been trapped there for more than 6 months because of taxes he has to pay while his bank account is being shut down (until he pays those taxes, which is crazy anyway but crazy things do happen). She has sent him money but not a lot, and now he needs more... Of course he is a widower with a daughter studying abroad (can't find her on social network but that doesn't prove anything).
However though it really seems like a scam the fact is she has met the man once and often calls him (on what's app or something like it) so the man does exist. Therefore I have doubts, scam or not ? Has any of the scammed peole actually met their scammer ? Thanks

Jeff Thomas is at it again. Claims to be a civil engineer completing a contract on an elecric rail bridge in (you guessed it) Selangor, Malaysia.Says he is Polish, been in Australia for 31 years, has one daughter living in England. Met him on B2 dating website.Usual MO - picked me up very quickly, extremely flattering. Against my better judgement I agreed to send a text to his phone, then he rang me back. His voice does NOT match his photo, more of an Italian/Eastern European accent than Polish (I have a Polish friend). He didn't know about current events in Australia.It's been disappointing to make this discovery, but a great relief also. Be careful,ladies. Thank you OnGuard.

I met a gentleman off POF dating site, he immediately deleted his profile, and started emailing me. His name is Steven Henson. Widowed wife passed away due to cancer, has two young children 6 and 3. Said he was from Ontario. after a few emails, he said he had fallen for me, I asked to meet him, and set up a time to meet. Then he had to go away on business, and had to take his two children with him. He kept on emailing me back and forth while he was away. gave me his phone number to the hotel he was staying at, then his child got sick, great hosptial bill, then hes short money, He didnt ask for money right away, borrowed from friends, family, sold his personal items etc.I inquired if he had a business in canada why hasnt he spoke to his business bank account to see if they can help him out, asked him his companies name several times, and never got and answer. then he emailed me and asked me to send him 2000$.. I said no, dont have any spare money around. He said cant you ask anyone to loan you money. I said no I dont. needless to say i havent heard from him,, I was very cautious right from the start I dont trust anyone.. now even more so..

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