The hazards of hoteling

Booking a hotel stay for a summer vacation? Before you check in, check out how scammers try to take advantage of travelers.

The late night call from the front desk

You think you’re getting a late-night call from the front desk telling you there’s a problem with your credit card, and they need to verify the number, so you read it to them over the phone. But it’s really a scammer on the line. If a hotel really had an issue with your card, they would ask you to come to the front desk.

The pizza delivery deal

In another scam, you find a pizza delivery flyer slipped under your hotel door. You call to order, and they take your credit card number over the phone. But the flyer is a fake, and a scammer now has your info. Before you order, make sure you check out the business, or get recommendations from the front desk. 

The fake Wi-Fi network

You search for Wi-Fi networks and find one with the hotel’s name. But it turns out it’s only a sound-alike and has nothing to do with the hotel. By using it, you could give a scammer access to your information. Check with the hotel to make sure you’re using the authorized network before you connect. Read more tips on using public Wi-Fi networks.

Haven’t booked your trip yet? If you’re thinking of getting a vacation rental, take a moment to read up about rental listing scams. And check out these travel tips, including tell-tale signs that a travel offer or prize might be a scam.

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Great advice! Thank you.

Americans should know that all the sites that pretend to sell rooms cheaper than the hotel itself are almost always fakes. next time you want to stay at ANY hotel - first check the hotel's own site -and then check ANY of the sites such as etc. You will find that those sites are more expensive than the booking directly with the hotel. Also - you can call the hotel and get an even better deal on hotel rooms needed the next day or two. Take it from me - I have been traveling for 35 years - 200,000 miles a year.

I hope all people here in America understand how important this message is about hackers stealing at hotels their credit card information !!!!

This is a must read!

Dont ever give out the last 4 of yr social sec. # either. My friend got a call from someone saying she had an outstanding warrant. She ask for what and they said we have other calls to make!.

Had the late night call on our trip last year near Houston. Afr-Amer guy tried to pry our credit card no. from us. He must've been an employee...he had access to our hotel rm info. Notified the front desk to find I wasn't the only one. Always be aware.

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