Might Your Search Yield a Scam?

Do you ever look for products or information online by typing a word into a search engine? I do too. By now, I bet we both know there’s no guarantee that the first result will be the best one. Anyone can set up shop online with almost any name. You may get links to pages that are out-of-date, off-topic, or stocked with low-quality products. Here are some tips for your next search.

Double check each result. Look at the end of the web address. Does it say dot-com, dot-gov, dot-org or something else? A commercial site (.com) and a government site (.gov) offer very different content. Does the address include words that are slightly misspelled versions of brand names or familiar words? Those aren’t mistakes; they’re scam sites set up to draw your attention.

Use a specialty search engine or focus only on certain kinds of sites. That narrows your search and makes it more likely you’ll get useful responses. For example, child-oriented search engines perform limited searches or screen results to show only sites and material that are appropriate for kids. If you want health information, the FTC suggests you start with some trusted government sources.

If you find an interesting result and want to know more, type the company or product name, or even the website, into a search engine together with the words “review,” “complaint,” or “scam.” See what comes up. Always use more than one source of information.

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Blog Topic: Avoid Scams


Interesting, I'll look for these signs...

Don't trust anyone even gov.

Good suggestion

I took the first listing when I was searching for help from Apple, using the term applecustomerservice. It turned out to be a tech company selling services. Fortunately, I used a credit card and checked further. I got a refund, and American Express would have handled the situation. I should have known better as I have been using a computer for over 10 years.

What email was hacked? What mail was a scam? I'd like to have it pointed to be aware. Thank =you

This sounds like good protection!

I am almost 82 years old. I had some difficulty trying to figure out the correct text to type in the appropriate box below!

many people impostor user internet to send fraud

My email account has been compromised for years now, nothing stops them! Also my e-mail accounts with yahoo, gmail and apple have been compromised with most of the time no way to re-take control! What is the very best thing you would suggest? Please help

There is nothing to protect you from licenced hackers and scammers. They have too sofisticated malware that nobody can fight against. All the precautions are easily

Its amazing how evil people are on the web!

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