Psss... It's Password Day. Pass it on!

If Hanson’s MmmBop was the number one single when you last changed the password for your email account, it’s time for an update. Like certain pop songs, passwords don’t stand the test of time.

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Password Day serves as a great reminder to update your passwords — and not just for your email account. Consider changing the passwords for your bank and credit card, utility, and social media accounts, too. A few minutes of your time could save you the hassle and headache of a hacked account.

As you create new passwords, keep these tips in mind:

  • The longer the password, the tougher it is to crack. Use at least 10 characters; 12 is ideal for most home users.
  • Mix letters, numbers, and special characters. Try to be unpredictable — don’t use your name, birthdate, or common words.
  • Don’t use the same password for many accounts. If it’s stolen from you — or from one of the companies with which you do business — it could be used to take over all your accounts.

Password Day is also a terrific time to review good online security practices and share them with your friends and family.


I have had traumatic Identity Theft & Identity Fraud. Please take this advice. In my book Imprisoned by Identity Theft Held Hostage by Greed tells my story of how Identity Theft can destroy not only the victim but the family as well. This is a great blog to follow.

my account in yahoo mail has been hacked by someone i dont know but i need help from you to rscue my email from hackers

And use a good password manager, such as Last Pass!

Thank you, very solid advice!!!!!

Stephen M D Laro

This is a timely reminder. How can I shield my passwords from my server who turn out to be ID Thief? He is the first person to know about the change. You can advise me of a solution to this problem.

Tired of everything i do is hacked. I want to know who it is and i have a goodideay .i even used my maiden name

I believe there should be a mixture of letters and numbers to make the passwords even tougher to crack by unwanted people.

You should you the same password over and over each time you make a new Facebook use a different password each time.

???You should you the same password? next line use a different one each time????????????????

I'm being hacked!

Read Hacked Email for more on what to do if you think your email or social networking account has been hacked, and Malware for information on getting rid of malicious software.

Each time I leave a website I delete all the cookies and history and also when I log off.

what I should make ? ı forget password

I have become my own payee and need to switch everything over to me. I know the pass word but don't know what the questions to go along with the web page. and the email address I'm sure email address are not the same. what do I do

If you need help with to get access to your account on a website, look on the homepage for the company "contact" or "customer help" link.

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