Robocall Challenge: Your Entries Are In!

Last October, the FTC challenged innovators to create solutions to block those annoying — and illegal — robocalls. We’re happy to announce that we received 744 eligible submissions before the FTC Robocall Challenge closed on January 17, 2013. You can check out a brief description of each entry in the Challenge submission gallery. Way to go, innovators!

Judging will begin next week. The judges will evaluate submissions based on the following criteria:

  • Does it work? (50 percent)
  • Is it easy to use? (25 percent)
  • Can it be rolled out? (25 percent)

The winner(s) of the challenge will earn national thanks — and, under the right circumstances, $50,000. Stay tuned for the announcement in April 2013.   

Meanwhile, if you happen to get a robocall, hang up. Take a listen to our audio tip to learn more.

Hang Up on Robocalls

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Robocalls are usually instigated by identity thieves in making a point. The calls appear like recordings timely generated. It is a nuisance call. It comes on que when you are busy doing something important. How do you get rid of this?.

I did not put in any entry. This is an entry
by the resident idthief on my account. Please
take note.

Finalize results please

Diana j.Andrews

me I just don't answer if they leave vm ignore report
call information to FTC

I have found that sometimes you can press 1 or 0 and you either get a person or the tape repeats itself allowing you to in effect clog that line for a while . I don;t just hang up I press the number for a person like a 1 and then put the phone down . They usually say hello for 10-15 seconds then I get the phone off the hook signal. I realize some calls may go overseas but I have never been billed for any long distance calls yet. Just hanging up is so unsatisfying; they are going to call back anyway. I get to recorded commercials and 4 hang ups on my answering machine just this week. They are clogging up the nations telephone lines !

Nothing works. Unfortunately the "out of area" caller ID can be a legit call from family in Europe. It would be nice if a certain number could be dialed after receiving one of these pesky calls to trace and block them or automatically forward to donotcall. get regular calls (on Iphone) telling me I filled out online questionnaire and want to follow up. Landline is still worst with approx 5 calls a day.

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