Sentencing Commission Report Examines Child Pornography Cases

The United States Sentencing Commission recently submitted to Congress its comprehensive report examining federal sentencing policy in child pornography cases.

Although still only a small percentage of the overall federal caseload, child pornography prosecutions have grown significantly during the past decade and now account for nearly 2,000 federal cases each year. That growth reflects the increasing role of the Internet in child pornography offenses. Before the Internet, law enforcement officers had significantly curtailed the child pornography market in the United States.

According to Judge Patti B. Saris, chair of the Sentencing Commission, “Because of changes in the use of Internet-based technologies, the existing penalty structure is in need of revision. Child pornography offenders engage in a variety of behaviors reflecting different degrees of culpability and sexual dangerousness that are not currently accounted for in the guidelines.”

The report found that significant technological changes in offenders’ conduct have occurred since the federal penal statutes and sentencing guidelines for child pornography offenses were last amended comprehensively a decade ago.


I think the public and all of our schools need to be aware of this problem for even I have been in public libraries and the staff has caught a few in front of customers. So I do see it's a big problem which might be linked to anti-tropic psychotic drugs and or street drugs together alcohol use with them too. more education at a early age should be taught to train and teach the mind set of young people not to hurt little children, another point too is that we have a vast huge immigration population in the USA and in some of their country it's legal where it's not here in America.

Do not show any pictures of pornography with children. Let them leave alone

If we as a nation chose to spend our hard- earned dollars in pursuit of these actual criminals as opposed to those with medical addiction issues or just fast- fisting it over to foriegn interests and felonious bankers, we would eradicate child- pornography through education and the assistance of families struggling to even raise their children, let alone into decent citizens capable of re-establishing a strong, national current of ethical morality. God save US.

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