Tough Luck, Hackers

Every day, you hear about scammers, hackers, and thieves using the internet to steal money and financial information from people. Just as we do things to make it tough for bad guys to break into our homes and our cars, we can make it tougher for them to break into our computers, too.You can take simple steps — like keeping your computer software up-to-date — to deter a hacker and protect your financial information.

Want some more tips? Here’s a new video with steps you can take to keep your computer secure.


Am still trying to learn. Video stopped halfway.

I think its great that the FTC does so much to protect our privacy, bc as technology advances so do those that are out to steal innocent ppls information.

it's amazing how easy someone can stole all your information and used for bad things

God informative video. I have a lot of problems from this kind specially when my kids are using computer for playing kids video games and after that sometimes i can find some security problems on my pc.

Someone has hacked into my email acounts. I now can't even get into any of my email accounts due to I dont see the Yahoo seal on my computer at all. I called YAHOO and they dont think it has happened for some reason and wont help. What can I do to get my emails back to funtioning on my coputer.

"Yahoo and AOL have had many such hacks - go to another computer and change your password right away. Have your computer scanned by a pro.

Yahoo and Apple both use your email address as identifier. How does one enter a user name?

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