When a Business Doesn’t Protect Your Information

Say someone searched your name online. What do you think they’d find? What if some clicking brought them to things like your medical history, notes from psychiatric sessions or kids’ medical exams, or your Social Security and driver’s license number?

If you don’t like the sound of that, you might be interested to know that the FTC has announced a settlement with GMR Transcription Services, a company that promised “Security Measures to Protect Your Confidentiality,” for failing to protect personal information.

GMR is a digital audio transcription service that allows customers — including health care providers — to upload audio files and get them transcribed. The business runs almost entirely online with a typist downloading a file, typing up a transcript, then uploading the transcript for the customer to pick up or get in an email. According to the FTC, the service GMR used for medical files — Fedtrans — stored and sent files in clear, readable text, and allowed files to be accessed online without any authentication. What’s more, the FTC says, GMR didn’t make typists take basic steps like installing anti-virus software or requiring Fedtrans to use tools like encryption to protect the files. 

Going forward GMR has agreed to put a comprehensive information security program in place.

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Hi I have problems getting in my account of yahoo. I know my username and I know my password. But the problem is that I have different phone number in my account and they are sending my code to the phone number that have my account and with out the code I cannt get in my account. Who can helps me with this problem please.

You'll want to contact Yahoo directly for help with this. Try the "Help" link at the top of the Yahoo sign in page and then "Contact Customer Care."

The damage is done! It's doneeee!!!

We need more protection to privacy

Thanks. Good info

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